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So let’s return to welwick Yorkshire on Thursday January 31st 1585 as Jack or sometimes he is known as John kit Wright lived wyth their family at ploughlands hall so let’s return.

February 26, 2023

When Jack and Chris left at peters skool in Yorke that both went on to train as mercenaries Jack became thee best sword fighter in England and thay went on to be wyth thee earl of Essex uprising in Londinum in 1601 in this pic able painted it as Jack and Chris confirmed that thee two lads were in deed them as able said don’t go to near we cannot guarantee if tyme wyll be come disstrorted we haven’t got much tyme as you know that Jack and Chris become members of thee gun powdere plotte of Londinum 1605 poor Jack and Chris met their end beeing flesh and blood on November 8th 1605 at Holbeck hall in leafy Staffordshire here’s Ables painting of our lads

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