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As in uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter to see a doctor let alone a dentist is impossible so on Tuesday 14th February 2023 husbandGuido and Henry said beloived comeuth wyth us as we made you an appointment wyth doctor death on 12th April 1571 in our tyme .parte one

February 27, 2023

Good morning Mrs and Mr Fawkes fitzroy please come into thee surgery.good morning doctor death .as he turned to husbandGuidos and Henry now what seems to be thee problem wyth thee wife ? Well doctors she’s not feeling her self a bit under thee weather doctor doctor death said I think I’ll send you Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy fore a blood test wyth doctor inquisition as doctor coffin walks in and said can I have a quick word wyth you doctor death? As he said to us good morning Mr and Mrs Fitzroy Fawkes how’s lyfe wyth thee heathens on earth you’re looking a bit of colour Mrs a blood test wyll tell us what thee problem is end of parte one next tyme we go to see doctor inquisition fore a English inquisition

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