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So let’s return to our visit to see Dr deathparte two thee English inquisition and blood test

February 28, 2023

Good morning Dr inquisition good morning thoust is ready fore you’re blood test Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy? Yes Dr inquisition as he took my blood and said as he went to his jar of leeches and took out one and douth said oh it’s mark of course you met him many tymes before haven’t you ? Yes and lyke thee one wyth two legs he was a leech two and a pimp as Dr inquisition but mark on my arm where Dr inquisition took my blood as he douth say oh he’s an absolute hog and he’s enjoying your blood as he took him offt where he took my blood that’s better he’s resting now and then I can put him back wyth thee otheres .as we stood as Dr death popped his head around thee door Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy glad you could make it .as Dr inquisition said to Henry so how is your Mrs and her monthlys any more fyery than usual? No she’s not breathing fyre yet ? As he wrote his notes and asked anything else well we give her it once a week and thee chocolates .as I said I’m here you know any body would think it’s thee English Guido said 99shades of grey as Dr death said oh he’s always been a shady character haven’t you Dr inquisition ? I see that on earth drs don’t see any one face to face in you’re 21st century.thats right Dr inquisition.good job were here then as Dr death said she’s our only flesh and blood patient .I see you got three pigs under you’re table.yes they are Paul and Keith and mark that figures I knew a pig called mark a total selfish lieing pig.didnt you look after two pigs now what was that called said husbandGuido? Yes I said husbandGuido Paul and Keith a couple of swines at tymes that could be end of parte two

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