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So let’s return to Londinum towre of Londinum Tuesday December 16 th 2014 thee lost pics of that tyme

March 3, 2023

As you know that we met many ghosts that day so let’s look at father John Garrard and John Arden who befriended each othere as thee cradle towre and salt towre on Saturday 4th October thay escaped John Garrard after beeing torchard and had a sack put over his head around his wrists was tied up above his head John Garrard asked fore a lemon to write letters to his friends in thee Catholic underground on his escape he was suppended on thee rope but his thoughts was of thee passion of Christ which helped him get to his friends who pulled him over thee mout along wyth John Arden to safety then in 1571 Charles Bailly a Catholic envoy was cought at Dover by William ceceils men he was sent to thee towre thee papers he had on him was taken by thee spy master when questioned Charles Bailly would only give thee word 40 in thee smoke and mirrors Charles met his end in 1572 in these pics thee one wyth orange hair is John Arden and thee one wyth two men is father John Garrard and Charles Bailly thee young man as John Garrard says to everyone at thee towre of Londinum got any lemons? Thanks to all thee ghosts who wanted to say hi to us on that day

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