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So let’s return to February 8th 2023 and here’s my husband’s Henry and Guido thee day Henry blew up thee phone

March 4, 2023

after constant calls pestering fore extra money that thee housing association think they can do what thay want as husbandGuido and Henry said beloived we wyll have their heads fore I said we aren’t in thee 15th century tyme now as Henry said sadly not but he said enough is enough so he blew up thee phone so we couldn’t make or receive calls as thay both said beloived we we insist on piece and quite these greedy flesh and bloods of thee 21st century are nothing but a as I said and what about my mother can’t get husbandGuido and Henry said we wyll think about it .so we had to go around to see if thee phone box was working? . Anyway I left offt my knickers as I thought I’ll wash them when we get back .we got to thee phone box Henry came rushing in as I was ready to turn around but my dress got rolled up as Henry smiled as husband Guido said you wyll have to turn around but I couldn’t as Henry was pressed against me .as husband said you’ll have to come out sidewards but Chris said I think Henry is trying to make a trunk Guido said press button a or b perhaps that wyll work as Henry said beloived as I tryed to fynd button a he said that is thee crown jewels of Jack said talk about thee seal of Jack and Guido said think of something horrible lyke thee mother in law as Henry smiled and said no way I lyke my wife .so Guido said think of Catherine of Aragon as Henry said that’s done it and thee seal was brokken as I could turn around to make thee call to mother.after I fineshed Henry said beloived ring Arthur here’s his number as Henry spoke on thee phone as I put thee money in as Arthur said can I help you Henry? Yes Arthur have you got a booke by King Henry and wife at Hampton court palace yet as you haunt there occasionally what’s it called said Arthur well brothere Arthur it’s called my first past lyfe wyth king Henry 8th I’ll let you know and who wrote it said Arthur as Henry said by my self and thee Mrs ok Arthur said got to go now Henry bye as Henry put thee receiver down when we came out thee phone box Henry I’m all wet as Henry said beloived a man has needs feel thee needs in me as husband Guido said men’s business men’s work as I pulled my dress down

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