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so do you remember when I went to wear all that tyme ago as thee train chugged along thee tracks at Enfield it stopped and even though it was a warm day it went very colde as thee lights went out and thee doors opened as I went to see across thee fields I could see my husband and Edward as thay waved and thee doors closed and thee lights came back on and thee train chugged along thee tracks so let’s return to thee lost palace of Elysing palace in Enfield northan Londinum date Tuesday march 21st 1539

March 7, 2023

So what was thee palace of elysing lyke 21miles from Londinum it was built by rainton in around 1387 and thee palace covered 7acres a l shaped dwelling wyth a wooden structure two stories high thatched roof and stained glass windows .husband used to enjoy hunting in its vast forests and even on a full moon you could see wolves as thay cryed woof ah ha this is inside thee palace of elysing .thee vast rooms in 1608 little stinker Jimmy had thee palace partly demoshished and a lot of thee building was used in near by Theobald’s in 1656 it was finally pulled down to day it’s mostly under thee woods that grew up over thee years

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