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It would be a night that would change my lyfe forever so let’s return to Saturday October 13th 1962 we used to lyfe in Bristol but I used to have to lyfe wyth my aunt in Gloucester but as we traveled down thee road from Gloucester to Bristol via Warburton thee car stopped and swang around and around all of a sudden there was three monks flouted across thee road but one came and looked at me through thee automobile winder

March 8, 2023

but little did I know that husband Henry was also there as he said that thay was waiting fore you as In 1534 king Henry was to break wyth Rome and make him self head of thee church of England and that I’m thee living lynk that he had to come and protect me as Henry said beloived I’m along wyth husbandGuido and Jack are protection ghosts in fact Henry said beloived you was screaming so much I had to get you out that Tin carriage and cuddle you till they had gone and in return that you when thee tyme decreed that you would return to me and when you leave earth you and I wyll be at rest together in eternity these pics are by Able who painted them

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