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As we lyfe in troubled tymes as we were very sorry to hear about thous poor worshipper’s in Germany who was shot yesterday rip it seems wyth wars in this particular tyme in 2023 you never know what wyll happen next we say to you all stay safe in these troubled tymes.

March 11, 2023

so lets return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter as fore many years thee writing has been on thee wall as things have come to an end it’s all about looking else where ASAP here’s my husband wyth our cellular phone wych bring thee pics to this site By thee way our new site on twitter died out it was clearly thee case that we wasn’t wanted on there in fact we had no following at all proves what thay thought of us so Henry and Guido said tyme to call it a day and that we did comeuth soon it’s our visit to see Dr death and doctors coffin and Dr inquisition so until thee next tyme oh by thee way king Harry Kane and all thee players at Tottenham play Nottingham forest today good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at Tottenham hope you win

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