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Dia duit conas ata Tu happy st Patrick’s Day so let’s return to thee summut and noubt surgery as it’s thee English inquisition wyth Dr mortuary and Dr inquisition good morning

March 17, 2023

Thanks Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy fore coming to see us we have thee results of you’re blood test we found it very sticky after we have you a small prick did you enjoy it? Well doctor husbandGuido and Henry said she prefers big ones so Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy we looked at you’re blood test results and found that you have very sticky blood so we would lyke to do a scan wyth you’re husbandGuido and Henry permission so did you bring thee stool sample yes we brought one wooden legs and one wyth four legs wyth a flower top as Dr mortuary said that I see Henry that you have known each othere for many centuries .yes said Henry we first met at her father’s home and then she became thee Queens lady in waiting.i see so did you keep her waiting Henry? No we made love thee next day mind you I had to keep mum over it and it cost a kings random as I said husband I never knew you kept your mum

End of parte one

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