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So as you know that our site is all about my husband’s Henry and Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David wych are ghosts wyth our pics when many tymes we tried to get them devolved everyone refused to do them so our Jack in his dark room manage to develop them as it’s always been what you see is what you get we don’t have any fancy phone or a computer so let’s return to my husband’s Henry pics so let’s Allie to Calais in France on Monday June 7th 1520 Henry went to promote England and France over 18days wyth jousting competition and lots of othere competitions a palace was built at Balinghem and guines there was lots of wyne to be drank from fountains fore 18days of reverly when kinge Henry returned from thee cloth of gold piece between England and France fore a couple of years on Henry’s return he continued to build his sailing ships and develop new cast iron guns he built many castles along thee south coast of England and that’s how thee English navy was started here’s our pics one by thee lyght of tyme two by able

March 26, 2023
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