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So let’s return to thee summut and noubt surgery parte three .

March 28, 2023

As we arrive at doctor surgery as Dr inquisition is waiting do come in Mr and Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy .as we said good evening Dr inquisition

As Dr inquisition said we have taken a look at your blood test results and we would lyke to do a scan as he turned to husbandGuidos and Henry and asks re our previous conversation as Dr death popped his head around thee door and said becarefull Dr inquisition remember she’s still flesh and blood

As Dr death said to Henry and Guido he’s not been long in thee service as husband Henry said how long? As Dr mortuary said only 750years as husbandGuido and Henry so not long then

As Dr death said becarefull Dr inquisition thee laws of thee universe are different to earth as husband Henry said and thee laws of Henry rule here .as Dr mortuary and Dr inquisition said we would lyke to ask you a few questions if that’s ok wyth king Henry and Guido? As Dr mortuary said how often do you pass watter ? Well Dr mortuary and Dr inquisition we don’t pass watter as thee ryver thamesis is to far away and thee ryver dove and Trent are to far away to there’s some watter at rugley but we have no trainsport to get there but we see thee geese fly over each morning .I see said Dr mortuary as Dr mortuary said do you ever pass wynd as I said Dr inquisition if it’s windy we don’t go out . And Henry and Guido said Dr inquisition do you still have realations wyth you’re wife often ? Well Dr inquisition we don’t allow visitors expecally thee mother in law .I see said Dr inquisition I mean realations as I said what do you mean Dr inquisition? As husbandGuido and Henry said beloived that’s men’s business men’s work as husband Henry said my wife gets lots of love and hugs and kisses and once a week chocs one pound box and thee same applies from Guido I see said Dr inquisition end of parte three

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