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So Let’s return to lock Ness in thee country of Scotland June Friday 21st 1974 on that warm day as on our way back to Essex England we stopped offt to see lock Ness as we got out of my stepfather s automobile I said I’m not leaving until till lockland Nessy appears as we stood by thee lock as I called Nessy Nessy where are you as my stepfather David said he’s a no show as I thought typical man but I said I’ll try one more tyme before we go and all of a sudden thee watters made a woosh and thee monster appears as I said David take his pic as wyth his big red eyes as David wet his pants wyth fright as I said Nessy Nessy make love to thee camera and then he was gone I think wyth lockland Nessy he could be a ghost that returns through tyme a piesiosaur after in thee 5th century he was banished from thee lock

March 30, 2023
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