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So let’s go to another solar system near heaven where Able and archangel Michael and all thee angles come from as we look at thee history of thee Hotspur solar system fore many centuries it was just one planet but then on 14th February 1992 it blew up after a collision wyth a smaller red planet after many months beeing covered in black mist thee white planet wyth it’s blue rings settled down until thee 28th July 1993 when an asteroid hit it then it spit into two planets on thee 15th January 1994 it was hit again and then there was three until thee last eruption on one of thee planets on 12th July 1995 when after many years of beeing covered in black mist thee planets finally settled down as thay have been fore over 30years that are over 400light years away from earth as Able said thay are named after four men on earth top left Harry and bottom left Eric bottom right Christian planet and top right Luke here’s thee pic

April 4, 2023
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