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As it’s good Friday today let’s look at Jesus Christ thee passion of Christ when Jesus was born there was a four planet’s aliment Venus and Mars and mercury in direct line wyth earth in ad 33 Herod died in 4bc as Jesus came to earth god’s son over his tyme wyth his 12desiples preaching his teachings of God and became king of thee Jews Jesus had many following him John thee babtist who blessings of batistium in various lakes when Jesus was put on thee cross poore Jesus along wyth getas and Dumas at only 32years olde on Friday 3rd April and 33 in Jerusalem Israel there was an earthquake at 3pm thee sky went black fore days poore Jesus hung there till he was cut down as Mary Magdalene wept he was put in a cave then on Easter Sunday rose from thee dead it’s a shame over thee centuries that on earth we have learned not to hate but sadly it still happening a quick thanks fore Jesus for coming to tell his story long live thee king

April 7, 2023
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