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A happy bank holiday to you all so let’s return to thee summit and noubt surgery fore thee English inquisition wyth Dr mortuary and death and doctor coffinand and Dr inquisition .parte four

April 10, 2023

As we arrive at thee doctors surgery as we pay receptionist our one shilling coin as thee receptionist Mr quill said do be seated doctor inquisition won’t be long as we sit down . soon Dr inquisition comes out of his surgery and said Mr and Mrs Fitzroy Fawkes how lovely to see you both and Guido please come in and take a seat as husband Henry said we don’t want thous seats thay are rubbish we wyll decline his offer as husband Guido said I think he means sit down .oh I see said husband Henry as we sit as Dr mortuary and Dr death come in as thay said you’re magisty king Henry. As Dr mortuary said Mrs Fitzroy Fawkes we looked at your blood test results and found that there’s black mould spores in it just as Paul and Keith and mark thee pigs come in and mark jumps on my lap as I said get that stinking fat pig offt me as Dr death trys to grab him he wriggling and squeals as I said just lyke a mark I once knew when I tryed to touch him fore a cuddle he squealed to as husband Guido said that flesh and blood men fore you .as I said well that’s thee trouble wyth these British made goods not made lyke thay used to be as Dr death evenchally got mark offt my lap as I said he’s made my dress all dirty as Dr coffin comes in thee room and said don’t worry just remove it and we wyll clean it fore you Mrs Fitzroy Fawkes as I said Dr death you’re pigs mark Paul and Keith they don’t have any horns .as Dr mortuary said Dr reaper our surgeon removed them as husband Guido and Henry said not Mr green reaper as Dr inquisition said how did you know that ? As Dr death said every tyme we made appointments wyth our patients to have an operation wyth him it was very difficult .as Dr mortuary said he trainsfered to another practice end of parte four

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