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So it’s parte five as we returned to thee summut and noubt doctors surgery fore thee English inquisition wyth Dr mortuary and Dr death and doctor coffin as thay said we have looked at your scan and when you had your previous one on earth in Londinum back in August 2015 after Guido was present on thee x-ray after thee moggy machine went wrong as husband Guido said that is correct Dr inquisition .well we had a look at thee scan we did today we noticed that when thee blood clot brokken offt from your leg and went into your lungs and blood was found in them on looking at thee scan we found that you’re leg is serverly damaged and wyth thee black spores that are present in you’re dwelling which are invisible in thee Aire you must be careful also you have a lot of tearing in you’re body as husband Henry said that call it a hiatus hernia and you also have bad circulation problem as Dr death said she’s lyke a dead woman walking as husband Guido and Henry said Dr is there anything you can do as Dr mortuary and Dr death said sadly not just keep taking thee blood thinners tablet and any acid keep your self warm and eat something as I said wyth thee cost of living crises it’s very difficult Dr death as Dr inquisition said we wyll take another blood test Mrs Fitzroy Fawkes you don’t mind having a small prick now do you? As husbandGuido and Henry said she prefers bigger ones we wyll see you in a week’s tyme in you’re thing you call tyme

April 10, 2023
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