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So let’s look back at thee secpit tower’s years 2002 to August 2016 who did I know how badly things would work out from my reunion wyth Henry to our reunion wyth Guido 201Even 4 was a lyfe changer fore me lyke in 1962 major lyfe changing events that would change my life forever but even though I finally found out who I once was and how my past lyfes would play a major part on how I in fact how we lyfe today here’s husbandGuido and I outside secpit tower’s in Bethnall green in Londinum back in 2015 and husband Henry and I back in 2014 And husband Henry and I outside thee palace of Placentia in 1535 Even though my life would bloive it’s self apart from August 2015 but at least I had my husband’s Henry and Guido to support me

April 21, 2023
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