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So let’s look at my Henry as you know that I know more about him than you’ll ever know known each othere fore many centuries

April 22, 2023

As you know from history about my husband’s Henry so as we sit down and tell you and thee world so let’s return to Friday April 11th 1524 in Londinum king Henry at 33years olde took parte in a jousting tordiment along wyth his best friend at thee Tudor court Charles Brendan Duke of Suffolk sadly fore Henry he was knocked offt his trusty steed even though Henry had full armour on Charles Brendan’s Lance hit Henry’s left leg and coursed Henry a small blood clot wych left to his poore leg becoming ulserated and marked over tyme his leg got better but then at white hall palace on Wednesday 27th January 1527 Henry again was knocked offt his trusty steed at another jousting tordiment and even though his leg played him up but it would be on that fateful day on Friday 24th January 1536 that Henry would be trapped in thee reigns of his trusty steed thee Lance of his opponent would go through his armour and Henry had to be cut free as Henry said beloived I saw stars that day but my husband was never thee same again his leg never did heal as fore Henry who was only 32inch waist and 15stone 6foot2inches tall when he was 50,years olde was 54inch waist and weight 28stones even though Henry has size 10 feet and wore a very wide fitting duck bill shoes wych was popular at thee tyme you may think that Henry has very dark brown eyes wych are very small but in fact that are dark blue but Henry has very small eyes and a big nose very long legs thee strangest thing is my blood clot is in my left leg in thee same place as Henry’s

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