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Don’t forget it’s thee friendly clash of thee Titans as king Harry Kane wears his crown of football as Tottenham play Manchester United as saint Luke Shaw amazing footballer and his fans of reds come on you reds as saint Luke knight of thee north a head to head wyth king Harry Kane king of English football as thay both play to win saint Luke a knight wyth angel eyes and a smile that lights up thee world of football don’t forget it’s all thee action on sky sports channel one tomorrow at 7pm so let’s here it load and proud for saint Luke and Manchester United also don’t forget to cheer thee players at Tottenham and king Harry Kane as it’s a match that wyll bring plenty of action plenty of goals as we all know that reasontely poor king Harry has looked so sad heartbreaking to see as Tottenham lost on Sunday against Newcastle United so I looked into my crystal ball as tomorrow’s game

April 26, 2023

wyll be hard but loads of goals king Harry wyll be kissing his wedding ring again thee balls advice is king Harry don’t let past disappointments hold you back focus intention and you’ll win once again

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