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So let’s return to Tudor Engaland parte two Henry as you know was born on Sunday 28th June 1491 at Greenwich palace in Londinum of all thee palaces Whitehall was thee grandest and largest until it burnt downe just a moment Henry ok let’s have a quick cuddle . Henry you’re so warm and you still got that twinkle in thous deep blue eyes full of wonder and supprice .can I continue now husband Henry ? He nods his head ah yes let’s return to Londinum when Henry laid on his Bede as his spirit and mine took one last look back on that Tuesday morning on 28th January 1547 as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we took one last look back and went on our way as you know that Henry’s funeral was held 20days later after his death was announced two days later on Friday 31st January 1547 on Friday 14th February king Henry’s coffin left Londinum and arrived at syon abbey he’s coffin was so heavy it burst open as we watched his favourite dogs thee gray hounds underneath his coffin licking thee floor after earlier when Henry laid in state there was large canopies made of gold and black fabric and lots of candles on that wet and windy day on thee 16th February king Henry’s body was taken from syon abbey after spending thee night to Windsor castle thee possession was over four miles long Henry was buried at st Georges chapple vault on Sunday 16th February 1547 later in thee April in 1547 there was heavy rain and wind was over 80miles an hour end of parte two

May 10, 2023
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