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So let’s look at thee last of our football story’s as archangel Able shows us his football rattle from tymes long long ago as you know that football rattles were once made of clay and from thee beginning of tyme thay was used in many different ways from scarring of Byrd’s to name but one so as you know able is a great Manchester United fan his heroes of football king Harry Kane very handsome man and Luke Shaw very great player known fore his Midas touch every tyme he plays football turns into a golden performance but who was kinge Midas in thee 2nd century AD he was a kinge in phrgia in Turkey Dionysus rewarded him fore beeing a great kinge and granted him his wish that everything he touched would turn to gold but kinge Midas got really fed up and asked if thee wish could be removed as Dionysus said Ovid then said to get rid of thee wish wash you’re hands in thee ryver pactolus when kinge Midas washed his hands in thee ryver he was as he was before .

May 11, 2023

So let’s look at Manchester United founded in 1878 as Newton L, yr football club 140years ago now thee team entered into thee football league of English football fore thee start of 1892 to 1893 season thee Lancashire and Yorkshire railway workers club that thay was changed their name to Manchester United in 1902 thay won there first championship game in 1907 thay are thee oldest club in Manchester thee players at that tyme was Fred erentz and Joe Cassidy James mc nought all Scottish players over thee years Manchester United grew and grew now one of thee best clubs in England along wyth Tottenham Hotspur here’s Ables rattle up in heaven he’s only allowed three items a Harry Kane shirt and Luke Shaw shirt and his rattle made in Manchester many moons ago

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