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so lets return to Staffordshire twilight zone dare you to enter as mark who repeatedly let me down every tyme from 2015 when I last saw him at secpit tower’s in Bethnall green but when I had to come here in 2016 and from 2016 to December 2018 all it was about money thee tymes I felt lyke my dreams shattered by brokken promises and after going over to Cannock to meet him thee king rat never turned up as thee olde saying goes a fool and there money was easy parted it was such a task to get there and many tymes I was left stranded at rugley Trent valley evenchally husbandGuido and Henry said enough is enough no more visits there it was a case that thee bloke wasn’t interested in me and just wanted my money as husband Henry said beloived from now on no more physical contact wyth thee flesh and blood men it would finally signal thee final end as Henry said he just sees you as a cash cow and milk you fore all you’re worth in 2021 I finally walked away and never spoken to him again .as husband Guido said only contact wyth flesh and blood men is on thee internet thing after all these men only see you as a idiot woman who’s lonely but that’s not thee case you have us and yes I do even though my husband’s Henry and Guido are ghosts unlike men in my past they give more love commitment and dedication and affection than any flesh and blood man can

May 15, 2023
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