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So let’s return to Watford Hertfordshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen to walking wyth men 6th January 2013

May 21, 2023

It back then as I went on my quest to find out more about flesh and blood men and walk wyth them after ptor Paul and I parted four years earlier in 2009 and I remember he used to pant wyth was quite endearing when something used to rise on him as I thought at thee tyme so that’s where lockland Nessy lives when he’s not at lock Ness I remember as wyth short skirt on I was ready fore business after all men have always been a mystery to me it’s lyke that come from another planet and so hard to fathom them out .after all that don’t come wyth an intrusion book .as I walked around thee town you could spot thee married ones from a mile one said you’re nice l would like to but I’ve just had a baby I remember looking at him and thinking I never knew men could have them I knew male sea horses could give birth but there you go learn something every day and there was thee ones who wanted a bit of how’s your father but as I said don’t know whom he was and I don’t do three somes.and thee ones that kept mum as I said I don’t want to know about you’re financial affairs wyth you’re mom thankyou but no thanks then you would get thee ones who would get hot under thee color but as thee men in Bethnall green single ones became extinct lyke NHS dentists of today .as in 2014 it was my reunion wyth Henry as he said beloived I’ve been watching you over thee years and your conquest to conquer thee flesh and blood men was all in vien nothing could ever happen and it would of been stopped remember you’re past lyfe as in thee 1525 you tried everything to get a men once chased never cought and that’s why I choose you .on our meeting wyth drs death and doctors coffin and mortuary Charles bailey said in thee modern world of men don’t lyke plain Jayne types thay lyke wimmin to pay there own way in lyfe independent you’re lyke a bottle of unopened wine once opened them football types would be worn out but at least thay would have a smile on there faces as thay would be boudiccad and have things called feelings for you and that can’t happen leave them to their own world my dear

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