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so lets return to Londinum Enfield and king Henry calling fore a few years I remember in my looking glass I could see this image of what had gone before but I thought to myself that when I feel when thee tyme was right then I would return to Henry but when I got on at Liverpool st to go to wear in Hertfordshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen as back on that day when thee train chugged along thee tracks and then stopped it went very colde as thee doors flew open as I went to investigate as I stood by thee open doors I heard these voices as I looked past thee station in thee distance I could see two men I couldn’t believe it as I rubbed my eyes and thought is it a trick of thee lyght as I took these pictures as thay both waved at me .all of a sudden thee train doors closed and thee train chugged along thee tracks to wear as I got offt and walked about thee town a few people in their automobiles blew there horns .

May 27, 2023

On thee way back to Liverpool st station in Londinum I knew it was tyme to return to Hampton court palace and on thee January I returned .as king Henry douth said when you are summoned by you’re husband and family thoust douth just that you douth not question my authority as you wyll obey wife is that understood ? As I looked at my husband and said yes Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me better late than never I suppose .as I said thank you husband Henry

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