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So let’s return to Londinum towre of Londinum back in December 2014 after my reunion wyth Guido husband number two from 1602 to 1606 then 2014 to now forever .at thee towre that have many ceremonies from thee ceremony of thee keys to thee man carrying thee crown of state

May 25, 2023

it would signal thee final end of walking wyth men back in Yorke back in 2019 over thee years I walked wyth many men but thee trouble is that just don’t make British made goods lyke thay used to but in my tyme from 2009 to 2016 and then thee final end of walking wyth men in Yorke but from 2014 when walking wyth ghosts started and wyll always continue to be so so let’s return to Yorke on July 25th 2019 this is at peters skool in Clifton near Yorke where my husband Guy Fawkes and Jack and Christopher kit Wright went to skool in 1585 as you know that my husband went on to be head boy and along wyth Jack and Chris became members of thee gun powdere plotte of 1605

May 24, 2023

as after our cellular phone contract ran out early this month as husband Henry and Guido said after a lot of discussion yes we can have a new one but sim only as Henry said beloived I wyll advise and sign it as any important correspondence is men’s business men’s law as we went into our village shoppe as I signed thee contact and Henry signed it

May 23, 2023

So let’s return to Londinum to December 2013

May 23, 2023

Thee Geoffrey museum a section of olde dwellings holds at Christmas tyme a eclectic mix of various rooms of tyme gone by wyth rooms furnished wyth things of thee 16th century tyme to thee 1970s I remember whilst looking around thee rooms and taking pics in thee 16th century room there was this chair as I looked at it I thought husband Guido and I had one just lyke it in our past lyfe in Yorke in 1604

So let’s return to Watford Hertfordshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen to walking wyth men 6th January 2013

May 21, 2023

It back then as I went on my quest to find out more about flesh and blood men and walk wyth them after ptor Paul and I parted four years earlier in 2009 and I remember he used to pant wyth was quite endearing when something used to rise on him as I thought at thee tyme so that’s where lockland Nessy lives when he’s not at lock Ness I remember as wyth short skirt on I was ready fore business after all men have always been a mystery to me it’s lyke that come from another planet and so hard to fathom them out .after all that don’t come wyth an intrusion book .as I walked around thee town you could spot thee married ones from a mile one said you’re nice l would like to but I’ve just had a baby I remember looking at him and thinking I never knew men could have them I knew male sea horses could give birth but there you go learn something every day and there was thee ones who wanted a bit of how’s your father but as I said don’t know whom he was and I don’t do three somes.and thee ones that kept mum as I said I don’t want to know about you’re financial affairs wyth you’re mom thankyou but no thanks then you would get thee ones who would get hot under thee color but as thee men in Bethnall green single ones became extinct lyke NHS dentists of today .as in 2014 it was my reunion wyth Henry as he said beloived I’ve been watching you over thee years and your conquest to conquer thee flesh and blood men was all in vien nothing could ever happen and it would of been stopped remember you’re past lyfe as in thee 1525 you tried everything to get a men once chased never cought and that’s why I choose you .on our meeting wyth drs death and doctors coffin and mortuary Charles bailey said in thee modern world of men don’t lyke plain Jayne types thay lyke wimmin to pay there own way in lyfe independent you’re lyke a bottle of unopened wine once opened them football types would be worn out but at least thay would have a smile on there faces as thay would be boudiccad and have things called feelings for you and that can’t happen leave them to their own world my dear

so lets have a look at our cookers as you know that over thee years we had many cookers and put them on a few different sites on twitter we used to get many impressions

May 20, 2023

But people weren’t interested I often wondered what impressions that wanted to do or whom ? There’s not of people whom do impressions of other people comedy shows lyke in thee 1980s any way here’s our belling classic cooker in green modle DLR mk 3 belling made four different colours yellow and red and blue and green and at thee tyme Electrolux made a fridge even though thay wasn’t very popular and bit lyke us really . belling went back to traditional white and brown and sable and mink

Who would of thought that it would be nearly 8 years since I had my first tarot card reading at thee white witch shop in Waltham abbey near Londinum on 25th July 2015 and how thee events would change my lyfe forever

May 19, 2023

At thee tyme thee ghosts I met back in 2014 from my husband’s Henry and Guido and even Dick Turpin stand and deliver deliver I say but it would be at my tarot card reading that would trigger a sequence of events that would bring my past to thee forefront as she said guy Fawkes is behind you can you feel him wyth his arm around you’re shoulders and as you know that I would know of three others ghosts from husband Henry to Christopher kit Wright and Jack kit Wright that I would not only be a parte of this lyfe that I would also be a parte of thee world of spirit that in August 18th 2015 that I would have to go to hospital and sure enough I did only to be told there’s no hope I’m very sorry said thee doctors at thee tyme it blew my lyfe apart but over thee years I’ve learned to lyfe wyth thee situation but at least I’ve got my husband’s Henry and Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David

As we all are going through thee cost of living crises in our household we only eat hot food once a week as you know that from February thee last energy rebate voucher came even though thee government stopped them at thee end of march this year it’s such a worrying tyme so here’s our belling classic cooker made in 1973 module 90DLRMk 4

May 18, 2023

So let’s look at our cookers past from our collection of times gone by this is our creda carefree electric cooker double oven made in 1970, in thee degree module 40071

May 15, 2023

Farenhite setting from 1974 in England thay changed to degrees centigrade .we wyll be back very soon so until thee next tyme

so lets return to Staffordshire twilight zone dare you to enter as mark who repeatedly let me down every tyme from 2015 when I last saw him at secpit tower’s in Bethnall green but when I had to come here in 2016 and from 2016 to December 2018 all it was about money thee tymes I felt lyke my dreams shattered by brokken promises and after going over to Cannock to meet him thee king rat never turned up as thee olde saying goes a fool and there money was easy parted it was such a task to get there and many tymes I was left stranded at rugley Trent valley evenchally husbandGuido and Henry said enough is enough no more visits there it was a case that thee bloke wasn’t interested in me and just wanted my money as husband Henry said beloived from now on no more physical contact wyth thee flesh and blood men it would finally signal thee final end as Henry said he just sees you as a cash cow and milk you fore all you’re worth in 2021 I finally walked away and never spoken to him again .as husband Guido said only contact wyth flesh and blood men is on thee internet thing after all these men only see you as a idiot woman who’s lonely but that’s not thee case you have us and yes I do even though my husband’s Henry and Guido are ghosts unlike men in my past they give more love commitment and dedication and affection than any flesh and blood man can

May 15, 2023