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As we traveled thee London underground back in 2019 .this was London calling from our tyme travel to pudding lane in 1605 . To thee tower of London back in October 2019

February 18, 2021

From Euston station to Liverpool Street to Tower hill stations to Bethnall toTottenham my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and I over thee tymes have traveled to most of thee London underground stations here’s some pics of us on thee places we took our pics

And here’s our Christopher and Jack as we all get on thee uttoxeter stage coach as from thee stage coach park as we look across at thee paire in thee distance.

February 17, 2021

Take us back to thee green hills of yorksher where thee yorksher countryside is thee best whence in 1585 I lost my heart and walked wyth loveth in them green hills as thee ye and me played in thee hills all that tyme ago and here’s our Jack and Christopher on thee uttoxeter stage ye ha whip cracking on thee horse power have you got thee power ??

As my husband and Jack and Christopher and I returned to thee uttoxeter twilight zone.

February 16, 2021

As ye waited us four for thee uttoxeter stage to come as once again we Hurd thee prairie dogs wyth their haunted howls that filled thee cold air as thee stood there as we shivers by thee twilight of thee disstant sun as thee wynd chilled out bones as in thee distance we could here thee catters and bangs of thee uttoxeter stage ye ha as it pulled up and shudder to a stop as thee thing they call horse power in these modern stage coaches we soon boarded and we alighted in thee one horse town village brr tis be cold as I held my husband’s and jacks hands as we continued on our way as we could smell thee coal fyres wyth there chimneys wyth smoke dancing on top of them .we was soon at ye village store wych is neyoung younder two miles from thee inner sanctum of thee uttoxeter twilight zone.we soon got our shopping as we took a slow strike back to thee inner sanctum and before we knew we was outside thee stage coach station waiting for thee stage coach to come in to our little Towne as we boarded thee stage and alighted in olde penny croft road as thee prairie dogs was howling once again ye ha thee uttoxeter stage is coming down thee olde dirt track lane as we managed to avoid thee rain .

It was 50years ago to day when England changed to thee metric system of money 15th February 1971 for over 1000 years we held history in our hands but in £sd tymes we had 240 p to thee pound so what happened to thee other 140 p as today’s money is only 100p to thee pound .

February 15, 2021

There used to be 12p to thee shilling and thee coins was three d thee tanner 6d thee half penny thee big penny thee farthing 3d cointhee ten shilling notes and thee green pound note .in our past lyfe there was thee crown and thee noble and thee soverin thee half angle thee shilling two shillings thee ducket had gone out if if circulation thee grout coin 4d thee pound was only used to sell land in 1602 here’s our Christopher wyth his my husband and Jack coins

Thanks to my husband and Jack and Christopher for letting have a look at their coins of olde

Love in lock downe or my husband and Jack says love wyth draws downe men .wyth all thee at vallentinces cards written and sent and exchanged between us we do what other lovers do on thee most romantic day of thee year .but for me ye wasn’t allways that way untill 2014 when my husband returned after 415 years along wyth my Jack and our Christopher kit Wright .

February 15, 2021

Lyke all couples we spent our day together in our cold hovell of a bedsit as ye thee and me cuddled up to keep warm in thee uttoxeter twilight zone but lyke most 17th century wimmin there was five cakes to make in our heart shaped cake tins for husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert as thee boys all wanted to lyck thee bowl out and soon as they was baked and home made jam put in them my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert soon gobbeld them up after their dinner shepherds pie and triffle but as I said to Tom I wyll not be truffled wyth especially when Tom said I’d lyke to cover ye wyth custarde and lyck it off men you never know what they wyll say next well we hope you had a happy valentine’s Day.

After a busy day we finally finished our at valentine’s Day decorations.

February 14, 2021

St vallentinces was about in Roman tymes till they put him to death .in thee rest of thee world thee day wasn’t cellibrated to 1600 but as thee years passed by then in vistorian tymes wyth cards at vallentinces day became lyke it is to day wyth thee giving of gifts to thee one you love or I should say in 17th century English Liss lufian lufu.deore Duero Leof lover friend Loven is how my husband and Jack and I called each other lyke we do today in anglo saxion tymes you would of said ic lufie pe is correct it means it’s thee I love lovied lufian to thee so here’s our decorations parte one to each and every one of you we hope you have a great st valentine’s Day and here’s my husband signing my card Guido’s signature.

As England shivers in lock down as our Jack is before thee beak but as my husband says we wyll be thee judge of that .

February 13, 2021

We all get on extremely well in thee house of Fawkes .but outside Jack frost is biteing hard wyth his paint brush of white as for our Jack he’s biteing hard as well mainly my neck as we play kiss chaise and my husband and I got stuck in thee cupboard as we played sardeens untill it was jacks turn but as I said it’s a good job you’re out of thee closit darling .but lyfing wyth ghost men they are full of energy more than I have but as my husband says that it’s men’s business missus noubt for ye to worry about men’s thinking lass here’s our Jack wyth his new bird tweet tweet watch thee dicky bird Jack ?talk about Byrd’s of a feather but as my husband says ones enough for me and wouldn’t want anyone else ah bless him as for our Jack he says I’m enough for him as well men don’t you just love them now I have two bites on my neck as my husband says a early valentine’s present from both of us talk about having a nibble .and here’s our Jack after yesterday’s dancing on thee ceiling good job I didn’t get to do thee can can mynd you that would be a bit uncanny don’t you think as for thee fox trot that husband sudjested I said I don’t know any foxes

As we start putting up our at valentine’s Day decorations up oh what a feeling when one sees my Jack dancing on thee ceiling .

February 12, 2021

as we finally decide to put our decorations up as my husband gives thee final go ahead to where he wants them put wyth millitary presission as Jack puts up thee banner I made then he trips thee lyght fantastic when he does his daceing on thee ceiling and here he is hanging upside down Jack you turn me inside out and up and downe ah bless him he’s back on thee ground for now but there’s lots to do before Sunday morning

Brr Brr brr as thee beast from thee east meets ye beast from ye west as thee north wynd blows wyth it’s ice colde breath on thus douth say in this morn of thee uttoxeter twilight zone as one of our electric fyres hasuth layed in its box for ny on 69 years now.

February 12, 2021

As we traveled from one place to another from Oxfordshire to Braintree to London to leafy thee land of hate and thee tweeds no one would plug our Morphy Richards fyre in so I said to my husband I think after all these years it’s about tyme we did just that doesn’t one think loss lufian.deore which is 1603 olde English how back then we addressed one another in our home city Yorke as my husband attached his head and douth us say to our Jack who looked at ye and thus said lover friend Duero Leif which means beloved lover .if lufie pe is lovencorrect in 1603 speak which means it thee I want so he said thus be wimmins business to plug it in so I got it out of box gave him a clean and here’s our Morphy Richards modle number qx30 wyth its box as my husband says and Jack well done Loven XX morphy Richards was in Crayford in Kent they was one of thee major manafacters in thee 1940s and 1950s thee best of British

As wintour wears ye gown of white on yet a brr Brr colde morning tis only be 7am in British wintour tyme as yet another colde night as once again that Jack frost nipps at ye nose whych be now is well nipped .

February 12, 2021

Its a marshmallow world on tis cold wintour morning wyth iceacles that from winder ledges some tis be over a foot long as we sit in our hovel and shiver by our electric fyre