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Many years ago in North America thee red Indians ruled in partes of thee country

July 25, 2021

for many years thee Indians had territories there and at thee tyme of us beeing in London we knew a couple of people who came from Canada who said they actually met thee red Indians here’s our collection of them figures but we haven’t got them now as one of thee neighbors took them but as for here noubt changed and even thou we don’t speak to any of thee neighbors thee woman up stairs still has her washing machine on and on and on all day and night

He’s thee king of football king Harry Kane

July 25, 2021

king Harry Kane as you know that last week he was thee man in my Bathroom looking glass mirror so after that we went on a famous internet buying site to get a pic of him you have to admit that this super king of thee football game is very sexy god bless king Harry Kane

And nows it’s tyme for thee final parte of thee black toe nail parte 8 parte 26

July 24, 2021

Contraflow roads motle can I help you ? As thee party from secret service mi 69 eat there break fast as chuck and ant ask where thee john or wash room is .as Thermidor our parte tyme butler after announcing our guests into thee motle refectory as he says anything else Mr Fawkes ? No that wyll be all for today Thermidor you can go below stairs now .thank you sir .oh Hang on Thermidor have you eaten yet ? No Mrs Fawkes why ? Then you can eat wyth us as Mr platform and his party leave as I say Jack can you hold thee fort while I clear away thee dyshes as I go and clear away and put out every ones else breakfast ok Tom and Robert and Tom and Thermidor make you’re way to thee refectory as Thermidor says is it ok to eat wyth up stairs folk yes you can said my husband as chuck goes to start up his auto mobile and it won’t start as farmer Paul turns up as ant says hey hey is that you’re steam traction engine .yes Paul said as chuck said I can’t get my autobile started ? Let’s have a look can you lift thee hood as chuck does as Paul says now try and comes to look oh as he looks at thee gage oh you’re out of fule oh no casoline where can I get some as farmer Paul says look there’s unavailable carte down thee road in Gilly gate as my husband comes out and asks what’s thee problems as chuck explains oh I’ll go and get you a galloon gallon got a vessel to stick it in as that mark thee prick can be a funny did as they fynd a vessel and soon on there way and back as ajent oodles says what network is a wireless on its thee yap yap from Barking .thanks sir as soon they are on their way back to London as we go out and wave them on their way and go to have our break fast

And now it’s parte 7 of our soap opera of thee black toe nail so let’s return to thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ?

July 24, 2021

as thee minister of homeland security services rings through to reception and asks if we could serve up in thee refectory a full English breakfast for 8people as Mr platform and Mr MP Blighty address thee breafing of their agents as Mr platform out lines thee workings of their dog whisker radio device as Mr oodles say it’s unusual for us to wear clothes as we are naked civil servants as thee two nuts glow red on Mr platform dogs whisker radio as Mr oodles say watto watto sir you’re nuts are flashing yes you each have different colours of when you contact us this is Mr randy f as Mr platform answers so agent randy 67 what news have you for me you’re report ? Well sir I’ve been under cover wych I brought for 2/9d from pricerights in London .and what if this black toe nail ? Well sir it’s lyke this he’s a master of disguise sometimes you see him in Sandler’s sometimes you see him wyth a black toe through hole in sock and sometymes you don’t see him at all as he’s wearing socks .I see but do you think he works alone ? No sir there has been lots of sightings in London .then ready back to it oh yes sir I love beeing on thee job and I always think of Engand and I allways keep a stiff upper lip sir .good bye yes good bye randy as Mr sniffer said I say sir so who is this black toe nail as Mr platform said this is his calling card oh yes sir we see tyme for breakfast gents

Good evening Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? It’s parte 26parte six so let’s return to see how mi69are setterling .

July 23, 2021

hullo contraCont roads motle can I help you ? Oh yes is that mi69 Mr platform as I’m Mr here there and everywhere and I’ve got a job interview wyth Mr platform at 1am just hold thee lyne and I’ll put you through to Mr platform as Mr platform answers thee call I say oh you have a job application who wants to speak to you shall I put him through he’s called Mr here there and everywhere ? Oh yes Mrs Fawkes I’m expecting him oh just out of interest how do you get an outside lyne ? Oh Mr platform just dial 9 ok put him through .as my husband said it’s been a long night and I can’t wait to get you into bed .yes husband that wyll be nice but I’m on thee front desk for at least one hour as my Jack comes and said oh you could do wyth a drink why don’t you go and have one I’ll watch thee desk while you get you’re Coco .thanks jack Jack as I go and make a cup of Coco and as I arrive back to thee desk this suited gent arrives and says Mr platform office please madam it’s out through thee door and turn left number 69 ok thanks as he goes into Mr platform office as he says I’m Mr here there and everywhere .you may sit said Mr platform .I see on you’re Resume that you have put on it on thee question of sex you have put when I can get it ? Why have you put this when a simple male would of surficed don’t you think ? Um I don’t know sir said Mr here there and everywhere and on question five when asked when you can start work you put in thee mid morning .can you explain why you have out this ? Yes sir I put it as I don’t know what tyme you start !? I see well Mr here there and everywhere on looking at you’re Resume we wyll take you in a temporary position if you work well we might keep you on and you wyll have to sign thee in official secrets act and always keep a stiff upper lip at all tymes here’s thee form sign it now and reoore back to me at o934 am in thee morning I take it you have accommodation yes sir I live in Clifton I see close thee door on you’re way out thank you sir

Good afternoon Contraflow roads motle can I help you Tom speaking ? Oh good afternoon it’s Mr Eric Topping known as thee big Dick and to reiterate it’s Topping wyth two ps olde thing it’s about next month’s annual Yorke and Cannock chase ball next month is Mrs Fawkes their ?

July 23, 2021

as Tom said I’m I’m sorry Mrs Fawkes is in thee motle kitchens at thee moment is there any one else who could help you ? No it has to be Mrs Fawkes !; Oh just hold on she’s just coming .oh Boudicca a Mr Eric Topping wants to speak to you ? Ok Tom but I’ve left something cooking my hot sticky buns for our guests as Jack said I lyke hot sticky buns and yours is really mouth watering really something I lyke to get my lips around .well really Jack I said as I go to thee phone hullo Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking .oh hello boudicca you know it’s one of my annual balls I’m holding .I see Eric I hope they haven’t had a row and split up as you usually hold maginificant balls and I wouldn’t want to miss one of them .ones having a itsy bitsy titey problem wyth our caterer they can’t cater for us I was wondering if nearer thee tyme you could do thee catering for my balls ? Well Eric I’d love to cater for you’re balls every need I’m sure we could cum to some arrangements .I say so refreshing of you and you know if li Iove to have you at my ball please not any resemblance to name is purely coincidental oh ok Eric we be in touch soon bye them .yes by my dear as parte 27 wyll be done next month as we only are doing another 6eposodes as sadly not much interest


Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?as we return to parte 26parte 2 of our soap opera .

July 23, 2021

as 430pm soon comes as we wait Mr Blighty and Mr platform and agents oudles and sniffer .as christopher said oh a Automobilles have turned up out side madam .thank you Christopher .as my husband goes out to greet them as they come inside .as thee minster for homeland security said good afternoon Mrs Fawkes are our accommodation ready ? Yes minister they are welcome to thee Contraflow roads motle.Tom can you show thee minesterial party to there rooms !yes Mrs Fawkes come this way gentalman as thee party go to there rooms as thee minister of homeland security says is there any other guests staying ? No not till next week when it’s thee Yorke Cannock chase balls hosted by big Dick Eric .oh that’s simply spiffing .oh can our party have our luncheon at 8pm and have a four course dinner and can one arrange cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches to be brought to our room every hour and also a snifter of brandy ? Yes Mr Blighty that wyll be ok as my husband said I trust we have a enough bred wife yes husband I made three loafs this morning and farmer Paul I’ll get him to bring up some more veg and milk a couple of extra flaggons wyll do reet grand lass as my husband said oh by thee way their drivers are coming in as my husband said Mr Fawkes can I help you ?yes can we have tea and beef sandwiches four rounds before we park up ? Mrs Fawkes my wife wyll get you what you require gents you can park you’re autobiles in thee Contraflow roads Garage Tom knows you’re coming .as I go to prepare their sandwiches and beverages and brandy as they sit downe at thee Yorke bar end of parte two

He was thee most hardest ghost to film but after many images of him at last he posed for thee camera this is Robert Catesby

July 22, 2021

back in thee early 17th century Robert Catesby grew up in Oxfordshire in 1570and lyke my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert grew up to be a well respected catholic gental man and wyth his charm and good looks he could talk thee birds out of thee trees but as thee catholics in 1604 was beeing fynd and toruchard he just had to do something about it thee gun powder plot was ready to be born and this is Robert Catesby thee passion of Christ in fact Robert was a trained swords man and trained in all matters of armed combat

Good afternoon Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? As thee fone rings as this posh voice said oh good afternoon olde bean regards ones booking for our MP and our security services agency mi 69 ,Mr platforms secretary speaking Mr houtey toutey just to confirm that our party wyll be arriving at ones motle at 1630pm .

July 22, 2021

good afternoon yes Mr houtey toutey yes ones booking and rooms are ready for you .oh spiffing but it’s too secret and one must be circumspect oh I see ones husband was when he was a baby as I said can you confirm wyth Mr houtey toutey as my husband comes to thee phone yes I’m been circumspect ,oh jolly good show tally how until 430pm as my husband said everything is in order as thee minster comes out of cabinet after it was decided by a cross members committee that wyth thee everdence of thee black toe nail thee vote was thee left cheek to thee left 43 votes thee right cheek to thee right 40votes as MP Blighty hurrys to see Mr platform head of homeland security services and explain how to proceed after another meeting wyth his chest advisor Mr up him self and his private secretaryr have a go who said minster one could just say to thee PM in a round about way that we seem to do nothing or we could just send a memo out for another committee meeting or just avoid talking about it .as mp Blihty said is that a direct answer or not as Mr up him self said is that a rectolible question minster ? As MP Blighty for homeland affairs says thee pm has asked me to sort this out as as head of department thus most be so yes minister as he then sees Mr platform who says I have fully breafed thee two special agents who are on thee case as MP Blighty said oh have you taken thee money for their briefs out ofpetty in a cash and we wyll need four copy’s of receipts as Mr platform said yes minister also I have given them a dog whisker wirelesss set each as we couldn’t fynd a cat’s whisker and one of our agents Mr randy fullwoode is under cover oh I see Mr platform oh he’s always on thee job .glad to hear it and I hope he’s maintaining a still British upper lip as we must have thous lips nice and still end of parte one of parte 26

Goode morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Christopher speaking? As it’s parte 25 of our soap opera .

July 21, 2021

Hullo can I help you ?yes is thee Contraflow roads Garage open today ? Who is speaking oh sorry olde bean it’s Mr houtey toutey one was just wanted ones cartes to be scrubbed clean as it would be so refreshing .is Mrs Fawkes available ? No she’s in thee living room wyth her husband as they are sorting some olde things out and Jack has said not to be disturbed oh I say jolly good show we wyll be there at 1600hrs ok chow for now .as Christopher said bye as we go into thee living room as my husband said to Jack hullo Mrs Fawkes is getting brudy as my husband said no we agreed no kids to expensive and that’s very expensive .as Jack said never mynd lass you got us as I look at him oh you’re right as I go to thee cupboards and put thee things way as my husband said we could all go at anytime and it wouldn’t be fair on any kid .yes husband I know you’re right .as we got to go to thee automobile garage to welcome any customer as thee fone rings as Jack answers it Jack speaking can I help you as christopher said oh we have a booking for 4pm to day a Mr Houtey toutey has some cartes that need scrubbing .ok Jack better give Tom thee manager a call and we wyll go over as we soon arrive at thee garage as Tom said we are all ready as soon 4pm comes and goes as thee cartes gets all washed after all Robert says we give thee best hand job in Towne well Mrs Fawkes does .as I say thank you Robert .from tyme to tyme we look on thee internet and we found what spurs said about us end of parte 25