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So let’s return to thee towre of Londinum nearer to home.

June 16, 2022

let’s return to Londinum as you know it was four tymes we returned to thee londinum tower here’s some more pics

So Let’s return to thee towre of Londinum back in December 2014 my second visit to thee Norman castle built in thee 10th century nearer to home

June 14, 2022

Don’t forget it’s England v Hungary tonight on channel four kick off at 7pm English summer tyme day lyght saving good luck king Harry Kane and all his players at England hope you win and let’s hope thee fans give his magisty king Harry some encouragement as last tyme that was as quite as church mice now come on you guys look lively all rise please for thee king Harry Kane.

June 14, 2022

So as we start year 11of our blog we look back at our lyfes in East Londinum closer to home back in 2016 thee repton club where men pump up irons in their Jim .

June 13, 2022

on a Sunday morning thee street hosts various types of market shall holders wyth their eclectic mix of things to buy unfortunately in thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter we don’t have second hand shoppes or boot sales a grave yard has more lyfe than this dump but there you go . talking of Londinum we wyll soon be returning to 1605 to try and make a trophy for president vododymyr Zelenskyy glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin and king Henry and I are going painting on canvas yes my Henry when he puts his mind to it wyth my help is a great artist

Today Marks ten years of our blog when back in June 2012 I first started wyth thee gentle authors help to put thee story on to say to thee world hello this is my lyfe and my family and friends and secrets .

June 12, 2022

as we take a look back at ten years of WordPress .back in thee bishops gate library when I first encountered computers even though I could type on a manual one broke a few nails thou in thee process.and thee hardest parte was modern English even today I and now we write and say things as thay was in thee 16th century tyme at first thee story was full of mistakes and miss prounceiations of modern English wych became a coralation of how I wrote thee stories.back in 2012 my lyfe was very different then at first I was only going to write 12stories but today it’s amounted to over four thousand.then in 2014 it was about telling thee world about Londinum and king Henry thee 8th from thee 15th century my first past lyfe wyth him and over thee years finally putting our lyfes in to context at thee tyme at my tarot carde reading when in 2018 thee final missing piece of what importance king Henry and I have together then also in 2014 Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and Robert catesby would return to my lyfe and our lynk it wouldn’t be untill thee 15th July 2015 that I was bloiven away when at my tarot reading oh by thee way you’re husband is standing behind you you know many ghosts and you’re husband is guy Fawkes .wow but in that reading I was told that my leg that to visit thee doctors August 17th 2015 would bloive my lyfe aparte but it would be a signal to thee end of my lyfe as I knew it .then thee events of 2016 would see thee end of secpit towers londinum and to be forced up to Staffordshire to lyfe in a place I loath and disspice wyth thee last of thee flesh and bloods ratfink mark is a constant reminder of his deceat lies and deceit and it would signal thee end of him and I .then it was thee tyme in 2020 January of that year that after my first encountere wyth archangel Michael at thee royal Londinum hospital in Whitechapell E1 end of parte one

So let’s return to Londinum in 2014 and return to catford further from home and Balham both wyth there eclectic mix of dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns

June 12, 2022

At last thee trophy cup has arrived for thee Kalush orchestra oheh psiuk ihor didenchuk cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin glory to Ukraine we had to buy it for them by bartering thay wanted £100 and we wanted£100 for one of our bookes plus a pic of me and archangel Michael after all it’s not every day you are lucky enough to see a archangel let alone having you’re pic taken wyth thee most important herald angel .

June 11, 2022

we sent Oleh a message as we have booked thee cup into be incribed we hope that thay wyll lyke it then it’s our turn to have thee other one to be hand made as we wyll return to Londinum in 1605 as then blacksmiths was in thee city mostly shedding trusty steeds wyth new shoes perhaps that could make me a pair wyth matching handba here’s thee Kalush orchestra special trophy cup parte one we call it thee cup of piece and unity

Don’t forget it’s England v Italy tonite on channel four kick off at 7pm as his magisty king Harry Kane wears his crown of football as king Harry and his players play to win good luck king Harry God save thee king all rise for king Harry.

June 11, 2022

so lets return to Londinum in 2014 to Balham in South Londinum further from home wyth it’s quintessential English dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns

As this brave fighters from Ukraine fought and unfortunately found himself in hospital on thee twitter platform perch sign 27 if you look so we have got him a meadle what hero he is and we sent him a message

June 10, 2022

So let’s return to Londinum in 2014 to Battersea power station further from home back then as you may know that bettersea power station heated and lit Londinum for many years .

June 10, 2022

but Londinum has many secrets lyke thee river fleet that still runs under Clarkenwell high Street even today and thee chalk mines in Chiswick