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it hasn’t been seen since stone age tymes yesterday at 501pm we were all out side waiting fore thee green comet to appear all of a sudden there was this green flash as I pointed thee camera to thee heavens and just as I snapped thee pic and this is thee green comet one can only imagine how our ancestors felt when they saw it all thous centuries ago

January 26, 2023

So let’s return to thee towre of Londinum on Tuesday December 16th 2014 on our second visit to thee towre on that colde day Parte one

January 26, 2023

As husband Henry said there’s someone who would lyke to meet you as we went to see as I said I wonder if I can take their pic ?as we saw Thomas Cromwell and Cranmer and Woolsey but I had thee shock of my lyfe when we saw Thomas Becket as he said you’re husband said that you was returning to meet up wyth you’re other husbandGuido .I replied yes it’s an honour to meet you Tom as you know that Tom in 1162 resigned from his chancellor ship at thee towre of Londinum to concentrate on increasing power of thee church at thee tyme king Henry to thee third was furious and after a lot of disagreement Thomas left thee towre of Londinum in 1154 he became Archbishop of Canterbury but poore Tom was murdered in cantabury in 1170 Tom was born in cheapside on 21st December 1118 end of parte one

So let’s return to thee world cup of 2022 back in thee August I started to make thee three lions heads fore able willing and Binky and pinky so that could wear them to watch king Harry Kane and Luke Shaw and all thee players at England as Able said you’re doing it fore England and we are king Harry’s archangels evenchally after a lot of work I evenchally made them and here’s our lads wearing them

January 25, 2023

as thee lads sing their song wyth lute that started wyth hurry Harry come on and Luke Luke where are you we need a goal from you now then it’s nice one Eric nice one son we lyke to see you score another one right in thee back of thee net nice touch on thee ball king Harry king Harry you’re thee greatest of them all wyth lots of flaggons of mead to drink to as willing said we doing it fore England

And here’s thee last of our cookers thee belling classic 90 DL made in 1978 in yellow mustard in fact my husband’s Henry and Guido call it thee buttercup belling made there mk 4cookers in also red and green and blue in fact thee older cookers cook better than there modern counterparts get hotter and still keep cooking after you switch thee oven offt at 400f

January 22, 2023

over thee years we had many cookers fore filming but thee most famous one is thee tricity contessa 643 in fact tricity made thee marquis and thee president 643 and contessa four ring as you know on thee night I was born I slipped offt thee kitchen table and ended up in front of thee contessa 643 but as my husband’s Henry and Guido say you’re place is to cook food ours is to eat it that’s mens business men’s thinking men’s work isn’t it beloved wife as I say yes husbandGuido and Henry

so lets look back at some of our great pics here’s one’s self and husbandGuido wyth his trusty lantern of 1605 fore our anniversary every year on November 5th we always cellibrate thee occasion

January 22, 2023

As you know that my husband Henry used to haunt thee Hampton court palace in Londinum but today he’s more than happy to kip under thee duvet and douth say under thee covers you’ll would discover all thee wonderful things I’ve got comeuth to me wyth perfect harmony beloved wife tis be colde outside so let’s hide under thee duvet

January 21, 2023

as ye north wind douth bloive through thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter so let’s return to Londinum thee strouned in April 1605 my husband Guido birthday ah bless him coming up next week As we return to thee missing pics of that day at thee towre of Londinum back in December 2014

January 20, 2023

As thee snowe douth bloive through thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter as Staffordshire shivers at only 27f as my husband Guido walks in to a marshmallow world brr tis be colde as ye north wind douth bloive

January 18, 2023

able thee angle that cryed and cryed and cryed our Able such a dedicated follower of football and when Tottenham lost against arsenal on Sunday and when also it was Erics birthday he cryed fore over 12hours fore thee rest of us it was very disappointing but thee king Harry Kane wears his crown of football and wyll win again on Thursday thay play Manchester city

January 17, 2023

So good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at Tottenham hope you win as fore Able he’s up in heaven where he usually is as you know he used to play in thee city slickers team wyth city slickers eyes when we did our football specials also he did his paintings of his heroes of football but he did another two so whom did he paint you ask well he said he wyll let us see when he remembers where he put them

In thee monochrome world of thee uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter as ye north wind douth bloive as Engaland shivers at 40f shiver brr you’re timbers me hearts

January 16, 2023