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As tyme and space is limited on our site after nine years we wyll be on here untill September so keep on reading you have to admit that you would never get to see living history from thee tyme of Henry thee 8th to our tymes in Londinum to our heavenly visitors from heaven and yes thee boss is Jesus Christ you see on our pics God himself never appears on earth but in our world of violence and unfair Ness thee gap between rich and poor and people’s greed and in Staffordshire a total dissragard and smarmy outlook in there land of milk and honey no wonder that thee sprit world is concerned about what trainspires on earth

January 21, 2022


January 21, 2022

at 330 am this morning as thee residents of ash towers snored there was this flash of bright lyght as Tom took thee phone and we went outside to see what it was a bout when all of a sudden thee archangels came from heaven above along wyth thee boss as thee archangels blew there trumpets and archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel and jermaile and Ariel lioness of God Megatron and Sarquel and as we found our selves at thee bosses side as he said on you’re earth daughter wyth it’s heathen violence ways thee word of God and his teachings should not be forgotten we still see that you are truly true and good and even though you are not popular on earth you are popular in our world as we came back to earth and then they was gone as thee archangels blew there trumpets and said our chosen ones you must take what you know and use what you have learned and you’re protected then thee sky went black as Tom said how douth you feel Boudicca and Guido as I said stunned and shocked and shocked and stunned asy husband said that was a great honour we was beloived away as I made thee tea and we sat and talked about thee events of what happened wow as I said well tyme to put our Tudor fyreworks story on and then we had forty winks god mooves in mysterious ways there’s more to lyfe than heaven and earth praise be to God

Parte 3 day one of fyreworks for king Henry thee 8th Tuesday 22nd of June 1536 in thee 12th demention of tyme

January 21, 2022

As we Made our way to thee dining room thee refectory everyone was waiting as thee man announced us Jayne and party from far away lands as my husband and Jack and Chris bowed to thee king and queen and I curtsey Goode morning you’re magisty hasuth been having a great morning? As at thee top table there was four places as thee king said cummuth Jayne thoust douth bloive me away wyth you’re Greensleeves gown sit beside me as my husband sat thee other side of me and Jack by him and Chris by Jack as Henry picked a leg of peacock and then everyone started after we said grase at thee side of Chris was Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell amongst other members of thee Tudor court .as Thomas Cromwell said thoust hasuth been away for a long tyme we trust you’re adventures hasuth brought you many insites for you and your party .as I then said in a way I’ve been very enlightening experience .and you’re self Thomas hasuth been busy and hasuth a fruit full tymes ?as Thomas Cromwell replied yes madam one hasuth as cardenal Wolsey said you have been missed at court as I felt this hand on my knee and also on my right knee as I looked at my husband who was eating wyth his left hand and king Henry wyth his right hand as both smiled as thee queen said Henry looks pleased don’t you think Jayne thoust douth could be right you’re magisty hasuth be right .as king Henry said how’s ye planning going for thee event for Monday Fawkes one wyll be seeing you at 3pm this afternoon as my husband said thoust shall you’re magisty thou shalt as Henry said then let it be so Fawkes son of Yorkshire end of parte three


Partetwo day two of our stay in 1536 at Placentia palace on thee river Thamesis Tuesday 22nd of June 1536

January 20, 2022

as we got out thee coach every one was in thee main hall as we went in wyth harken a fan fair as people bowed and curtseying and as king Henry held one of my hands and my husband held thee other as we looked amazed by thee eclectic array of gold items and paintings adorn ye walls and there at thee end of thee line of people was Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell .as king Henry said beloived Jayne and her party from far away lands hasuth come to stay to help wyth preparations for thee Tudor fyreworks display for Monday any one who dares to tell anyone wyll be a act of treason and wyll be put to death .as everyone looked at each other as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust looking more loved than usall let me show you and your party to you’re room Wych was this room Wych had two four poster beds in it wyth a roaring fire in ye grate on ye ground floor as king Henry said Fawkes I want a map of how you’re going to do thee fyreworks display by tomorrow morning and be in thee dining room in 30mins as I curtseying and my husband and Jack and Chris bowed as king Henry left as I said to my husband now what we going to do?what you mean said my husband ?well I’ve nothing to wear .as I knock on thee door as my husband said come in enter as this servant brought these clothes in and said his magisty hasuth said that ye and he wyll wear these clothes as I said thank king Henry and thank you as thee servent said welcome back lady Jane end of parte two

So at last king Henry thee 8th has come and along wyth my husband and Jack and Chris approved our pics Wych thee lamp of tyme could just manage to take them remember these pics are taken in thee 12th demention of tyme what you’re seeing is events that took place in a moment of tyme so let’s return to Tuesday 22nd of June 1536 Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry

January 19, 2022

as you know that we wasn’t on any internet sites as we last week was in Londinum but we came across this coach and horses as my husband and Jack and Chris said don’t lyke thee look or that !;as I then said you don’t think it’s one of little Jimmy’s spy’s husband? Asy husband and Jack said a bit posh for that … As I said very important looking don’t you think ?.as we got nearer thee door flung open and there was king Henry sitting inside as his then said Jayne my beloved Jayne thou douth return to ye .as my husband and Jack and Chris said why’s he calling you Jayne ? As I said thoust knew I’d had a past lyfe wyth king Henry but all thoust can remember is that I was in ye Tudor court and we used to walk around thee gardens at Elsyng palace by thee river Thamesis near Londinum .and I remember tis be king Henry’s birthday Monday 28th June as king Henry got out of his coach and said Fawkes I need you to along wyth Jayne to come wyth thee to make fyreworks for my birthday event to be thus called Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king and queen and a few invited members of thee Placentia palace do what you have to do you have a little while as my husband and Jack and Chris said what if we refuse ? As king Henry said douth bloive thou up as I said then we wyll comeuth but first we must buy you a birthday gift as we went on our way and looked around and I said to my husband how much money we have ?as he said beloived we have four angles and ten grout’s we found a gold goblet as my husband said how much thee assistant said one angle five grouts as he payed as we came out thee shoppe Henry thee 8th said we have to leave now but where wyll we stay at thee palace of Placentia you wyll be given thee things you need to assist you but you wyll have thus to make twelve gerbs and two Girandolas as we got into thee coach it sped off out of Londinum end of parte one

When Tyme gets distorted and then everything stopped back in thee day on November 5th 2018 as we had already booked our photo shoot at thee local photographic shoppe in thee village of hell and brimstone uttoxeter twilight zone .

January 18, 2022

as we waited for thee ye uttoxeter stage coach my husband said it’s just going to be you on thee pics wyth us making a breaf appearance thee photoshoot was booked for 12pm British winter tyme but thee stage coach after one hour of waiting didn’t show up as thee Raine thus started to fall as my husband said don’t worry we wyll get there just in tyme as Tom said look there’s a bright lyght by thee tree oppisit as my husband and Jack said let’s cross over thee road and my husband said it’s tyme fault as everything stopped next minute we was outside thee shoppe and as we went in thee sales assistant Mr Joel said strange thing happened earlier all thee lyghts flickering on and off as we did thee photos we then went to our little village shoppe to buy some provisions as Andy came and said you look glamorous you’re a very attractive woman you know but my husband wasn’t pleased and thee lyghts flickering and some areas of thee shop went out as people thumbelled about as Andy said sorry Guido then thee lyghts came back on as we walked through thee village People said go back to London you freeks go back to London as we went and collected our pics from thee shoppe and as we flagged a stage coach down ye Staffordshire stage and arrived back to thee ash towers hoovel

Ye flame of tyme back in thee day in 2020 my husband and Jack said it’s tyme to walk through thee flames of tyme where thee two worlds connect between life and death from this world and thee next .

January 17, 2022

As we stood by thee enternal flame as my husband and Jack said thee flames wyll not touch thee hold our hands just walk slowly as I thought I hope my dress won’t burst into flames but as we slowly walked through thee flames and stood in thee middle thay felt colde as we traveled to ye other side and walked back as we turned around and looked as thee flames of life and death dissapeared as my husband and Jack said you live between two worlds and you’re test is complete and you passed wyth flying colours but for us all it was an experience we wyll never forget As we looked up at thee sun and moon Wych sent shivers down my spine

As you all may remember that last year we for our soap opera thee contraflow roads motle went back to Silchester Wych is ten miles from Reading

January 16, 2022

as we returned to Roman Britain Britannia Silchester was in thee first century tyme was one of thee first Roman towns to have a street layed out plan wyth it’s temples and bathhouse wyth it’s underground heating and dwellings that had thee same wyth taverns and factories and shops how ever as thee population grew so did thee bathhouse but in thee 5th century thee Romans left and Silchester met it’s demise and became uneconomic so people left a bit lyke wyth Frame Chester and cordchester Wych went into thee mists of tyme but where were thay you may well ask cordchester was in east Anglia and Frame Chester in Yorkshire near witby you never know architectural fynds may well fynd them yet on a dig so let’s say friends Romans country men lend me you’re ears Silchester calling

A happy birthday to Eric Dire have a great day Hun you’re simply amazing footballer

January 15, 2022

Whilst we await thee return of king Henry let’s have a sing song as we rember thee olde folk song of engalands past .

January 14, 2022

Gehst dunuck Scarborough fair petersile salbel Marin und thymian lads jemanden Der fort lent Von mir gruben er war einst eine wahre liebe Von mir sag mir er soll mir win batist shirt machen petersile salbel rosmarin und thymian ohne nahte und naharbeit dann word er eine wahre liebe Von mir swim sag ihm er soll mir ackerland finden petersile salbel rosmarin und thymian zwischen salzwasser und clean meeresstranden dannwird er eine wahre liebe Von mir swim now thee engaland version are you going to Scarborough fair parsley rosemary and thyme remember me who lives there he once was a true love of myne Tel him to make me a Cambie shirt parsley rosemary and thyme wyth out no seems not needlework then he wyll a true love of myne