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As thee nation of England and thee world pays it’s repects to our late Queen Elizabeth 2 whom brought so much happiness to thee people she met even though she has gone to another place on lyfes long journey god bless you Queen Elizabeth 2 but she wyll live on and never be forgotten

September 19, 2022

And here’s thee news headlines at 855pm 17th century news

September 17, 2022

tottenham won today’s game against Leicester city 6_2 king Harry Kane and sonny wyth their electric performance well done kinge Harry Kane wears his crown of football and all thee players at Tottenham you was amazing as fore other news in our football game against earth team Elgar scores and able scores at thee tyme and motion stadium at Frame Chester sugre Kane way earlier this morning tomorrow at 8pm we take a moment of silence for queen Elizabeth 2 who sadly died in othere news a local sheet sleeker who stole three sheets off thee washing line was three sheets to thee wind local police said he can make his Bede and lie in it tomorrow’s weather 50f breezy and cold sunny spells that was thee news headlines read by me

So here’s one of thee ads thee all electric trusty steed plug in hi bread it’s a case of lots of nay but wyth out thee hay wyth full tail lift and flashing hi indercators

September 17, 2022

As you know that it’s was our yearly football game first of all any resemblance to anyone living is purely coincidental so let’s go to our stadium at Frame Chester sugre Kane way as thee final score was earth team Elgar scores along wyth able scores 9to our team won by one making thee scores 10_9 to earth team here’s thee pics plus a few ads lyke thee new all electric trusty steed plug in hi bread and new nationaliation powder for washing brighter clothes

September 17, 2022

It’s over 70years olde here’s our Sono electric bowl fyre wyth convector heater

September 16, 2022

Coming soon itsthee annual ghost football game this Saturday from Frame Chester sugre Kane way as it’s been a year since our soap opera thee Contraflow roads motle fore ghosts run by ghosts ended we thought we still just do a football special along wyth adverts that we done already for thee show here’s one of them ready

September 15, 2022

Jack Jack where fore art thou Jack as he climbed my hair and asks you’re hair is so strong what do you use ?well Jack I use new seasonal adjusted figures wyth added austerity for that extra firm hold and it’s not available on earth

As you know that there are many ghosts on thee londinum underground if you go on thee escalator at Bethnall green as you travel to thee platform some one taps you on thee shoulder but when you turn around there’s no one there so let’s return to Londinum in thee east end Whitechapell Friday February 20th 2015

September 15, 2022

my Henry and I waited fore Auther and Thomas wintour and Thomas Cranmoore and Thomas Cromwell and Thomas to turn up but thay was late after Father Henry Garnet said oh thay are at st Mary’s underground station but thee station hasn’t been used for many years so Henry took my camera and took these pictures and told them Whitechapell now a few secs later that turned up and kinge Henry was not pleased and thus said I did say Arthur Whitechapell station

So let’s return to Epping forest on Wednesday October 8th 2014 at 5am as thee moon was waxing when I took this pic of Dick Turpin and his Accomplices Matthew king and Stephen potter then these ghostly bikers wanted their pics taken to

September 12, 2022

So let’s look at thee props we had to make fore our soap opera thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you

September 11, 2022

As Jack and my husband made thee roade signs and on this set after Henry painted it I had to stand by all three but beloved Henry fore got to say thee paints a bit tacky and keep a safe distance from sign and I got thee paint on my arms but it was only emulsion so it washed out easy here’s thee signs so lads get downe a gear and get ready for reduce speed now

as England mauns thee sad passing of Queen Elizabeth 2 and now we have a new kinge Charles thee third glory to Queen Elizabeth 2 and God save thee kinge Charles thee third all ways remember that nothing is more powerful than love on earth and heaven above here’s Archangel Michael pic I took of thee most important Angle that along wyth thee otheres have visited us

September 10, 2022