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Looking back to 1605 do you remember

May 13, 2021

when ale was 1d a quart and wastle bred was 4d a twelve pound loaf and a pint of need was only 3d a quart sugar was in fine form and it was I one crown or 5-/- and you had to cut it up as we returned to show you in London 1605 shop in thee 8th demention of tyme plus we go to thee 1960s Britain to victor value who remembers bar of six 3d mother’s pride loaf of bred and Lyons coffee

And here’s thee final two pics of thre headless horseman of olde cressing village

May 12, 2021

who would of thought that back in 1987 when we walked along thre olde cressing village road towards Braintree that we would witness this ghost

In our electric world we lyfe in

May 12, 2021

have you got thee power it seems everything is electric years ago we all went to work on a eggts but how they did it I wyll never know wyth out breaking it perhaps thee yoke was on them have you got thee power

As thee thunderstorms was loud and grew louder as thee lighting came as nature put on its lighting dissplay

May 11, 2021

as we watched thee storm as we took our pics of nature’s lighting show and here’s they are boy and still it goes on and on

As thee sun appears from thee clouds then thee rain returns to thee uttoxeter twilight we returned to Aprill Monday 15th 1605 so let’s return .

May 11, 2021

as we walk along thee rain sodden streets as we went on our way my husband said it’s going to be dark soon as thee lamp appears my husband said quick it’s tyme for us to return to thee 21st century but my Jack said we wyll be back as animals and people was running everywhere as we reached thee lamp of tyme but yet when came inside as thee lamp disspatched it was only half an hour had elapsed in this tyme

As thee rains fall over thee village we returned to do our shopping in thee inner sanctum of thee uttoxeter twilight zone .

May 11, 2021

as ye rainuth here every day wyth a hey ho thee wynd and ye rain as we went on our way wyth big claps of thunder thrown in for good measure as we arrived in thee uttoxeter twilight zone as we do our shopping but thee problem here thee toffee nosed lot wyll push in lyke in thee post shop oh pushes in to get her past sport oh you wyll have to come back thee assistant said to us yet we was first and thee same in thee photo shop these toffee nosed lot think they own thee place in there world of thee milk and honey ok ya as for ash god dam towers thee scofolding is up out side it seems strange every place we get pushed to they at some point have to put scaffolding up

So let’s return to thee braintree years to Aprill 20th 1987 and thee experience that at thee tyme would change my lyfe for ever !

May 10, 2021

remember thee story’s I wrote about my first encounter wyth thee headless horseman of olde cressingvillage as we walked from thee three ashes pub in olde cressing village as Ted said oh you heard about thee legand about thee headless horseman on aprill 20th when thee moon is full rides through thee village of Cressing to ride on thee brainBrai and Witham road in Essex as we walked this big lamp appears and at thee side this figure of a man wyth a tall hat wyth a yellow lamp at thee side of thee lamp as this red baulb flickers I looked again but thee man had no head then I I look straight ahead this horse’s head was standing in front of us I froze and weed my self wyth fright thee figure is my husband guy Fawkes all of a sudden thee lamp and headless horseman was gone

As we returned to London April 14,th 1605 parte two so are you ready then let’s return .

May 9, 2021

as we go through thee dirty over crowded streets wyth our bred after every one had been to church as early on we heard thee peel of bells as people made their way to church in early 17th century tyme if not found in church then you had to pay a fyne and it could be a lot of money to pay for non attendance but as people came out we could hide our selfs in thee busy streets as people went about their business for a few hours as in thee early afternoon London would be desserted and no shops of any where would be open till after church was finessed even song we made our way where thee people was gathered by thee smell of roasting pig on a spot over a roaring fyre as thee smoke and thee smell of roasting meat as thee olde man signaled to say it ready as he then shouted meat 1d a slice my husband and Jack pushed in front of thee crowds of people and payed and as we walked along ripped thee bred into chunks and put their meat inside and took Hearty bites out of their door step sandwich end of parte two

Thee cost of dieing in thee 21st century tyme .

May 8, 2021

in my family when they died they never left anything and gave their money to other relitives stingy lot still I’ve got nothing to thank them for but wyth thee reasent death of my step father .it makes one realize how thee price of death has gone through thee roof over six thousand pounds but even victors charge these days for their services in thee church of England as they say money money it’s a rich man’s world my mother had him cremated but for me it wyll be a Catholic burial as I think creation is not very environmental friendly

In thee 21st century tyme wyth everything electric even thee chickens are battery but as I said to my Jack while he was eating his cake I wonder where they put thee batteries and are they rechargeable ones ?

May 8, 2021

its a strange world we lyfe in today even thee chickens are battery but as we decussed are they envoramental friendly back in thee early 17th century we didn’t have that type of thing it makes us wonder what wyll be electric next