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So let’s tell you about me my husband and why we wrote this blog but back in June 2012 when I first started to write about my lyfe thee sad and bad events that happened to me over 30years ago when friends at thee tyme said go on write a book you never know untill you tell you’re fasionating story so at thee tyme I said surely nit who would be interested in my lyfeand also my past lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th in 16th century tyme

But wyth lyfe you don’t get an instruction book in anything or any one lyke men and I don’t still know what makes flesh and blood men are what they are perhaps I never wyll mynd you thee ones I met were villians liers and conartists and they dudndi really think anything of me at all just wanted my cash but I have to admit football players thee men ones wow hit or what lyke Eric Dire sexy but in reality you never get to meet them I suppose it’s lyke anything thee ones you lyke hate you and thee ones you don’t you don’t get on wyth but then decemeber2014 it was my first meeting wyth husband guy Fawkes at thee bloody tower as I took his pic he came across thee room and kissed me wyth tears in his eyes of blue and thee sorrow and painI felt was very tramatic it changed my lyfe forever and so did thee tarrow card reading wyth Trisha at thee white witch shop in juJu 2015 when she said guy Fawkes is standing behind you wyth his hands on you’re shoulders and that you have a unbreakable lynk that has lasted for over 400years and you’re married to guy Fawkes wow I was blown away