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the visiting cat at the door

October 18, 2012

a s the old lady glances out side the door on the mat on the step she sees a big black cat all wet  in the rain poor thing she thinks  as she

opens the door where have u come from puss come on lets get u dryed off as she puts him by the fire u will be warm in no time as she goes to the kitchen to give him some food and a saucer of milk as she gives him a stroke he starts to purr as he gets up and laps up the cold milk after a few hours he goes to the door and asks to go out at first she didnt want to let him go but he must belong to some one so she opens the door and he was gone a couple of days later he was back at the same time and every day for a few monthes thhen one day he was gone and the days went into monthes and years went by as the old lady often wonderd about that cat and why he never came back again

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