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dynnargh welclome falite croeso now its back once again to 1966and the day paul pushed the swing too high and i ended up in the stingging nettles och

October 23, 2013

DSCF0245as I sat there on the swings everytime I tried to get hight I kept getting pains in my tummy as farmer paul came along want a push younon he said as he pushed the swing backwards and let go the more he did it the more higher it went as I noticed the big patch of stinking nettles near by then all of a sudden I felt limp and before I knew where I was I landed in the stinging nettles with a big bump course being a paul he laughed and laughed I tell you my legs came out in thses big white ichey spots and went red as I strolled back to my auntys and showed her she said serve yu right put some germiline onthem work to be done anyway aftyer afew days the ichen stopped with one day the germaline the next day the carlimine lotion now I stay clear of them stigging nettles espeasally the ones with the white and purple flowers

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