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as time and time again them fatter cats of the power industrys put the prices up and up and up once again nationallise them is the only answer why should the few take from so many dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 2, 2013


its the same old story we had time and time again we here about the catty 6 with there boring tales of woe on how they have to show that the prices have to go up yet again and the same old tv shows telling us one again about it .and that’s all we get as they get fatter and fatter like the Christmas goose or turkey perhaps they should be stuffed as well ?its time they had a windfall tax on them or renationalize I personally will not vote in the next election unless one of these polliticall partys grow some balls and stand up for us down trotten consumer after all why should thousands die in the winter cold because they cant afford to heat there homes as they should I thought with centrall heating in our homes was anadvance but we gone back ward with only heating one room like it used to be for centrys passed so wats the point of centrall heating if one cant afford to use it ?

the thing these days is that we have forgotten about being british get that bulldog back on the double watowato

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