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this is clapton as i reaturn from 1996 but the last vist was in 2013 home of miss libbys tribe in murder mile as its called

March 27, 2014

DSCF2942DSCF2940DSCF2939DSCF2938DSCF2937this is clapton as i reaturn from 1996 but the last vist was in 2013 home of miss libbys tribe in murder mile as its called

it was tuime to vist miss libby at her home in what she calls murder mile and like a queen she sits on her thrown as she reacalls the events of her time living in the area ,about how the street has had more murders than any in hackney area and how her and her girls have tried to clean it up on my first vist there I had difficulty finding her home as the street is very long and theres quite a few gangs in the area but miss libby is well known and I soon found it and like the wonderwoman that she is anyway as I went to the door there was the local gang there 40 yards down the street I told her about them as she looked out the window that soon scarperd and went on there way as miss libby now her 60s reacalls the events that’s happened there in the past about the shootings murders and the one evnt when she heard this builder chap in his hard hat and big boots being mugged as he walked down the street whilst drinking his coffe and eating his pasty as miss libby reacalls like a cool cat that she is as she said I went out and screamed to the bloke as she fought him off the builder bloke with out a thought for her own safty and managed to get the mans gold chain back for him like a trible queen of old miss libby and her followers of claptons murder mile has changed the place in to more tranquall place to live miss libby as you know is a well known author whom from the country of Canada you know the place where every girl gets her mounty man well any way miss libby fell in love with tony from clerkenwell in the 1960s he was a man that worked taking ironic pics of London lifes in the 1950s and 1960s who unfortually has long since dided now ive seen som,e of his work like the time he took this pic of miss libby in brick lane in a mirror with 12[6d on it as it captures her like snow white with her looking in this looking glass as her reful;etions looking back at her then also in the 60s she lived in Essex and her portrates opf people in suffolks towns pubs as captured in her uneek style of the times looking at these its suppricing how England has change through the years also to her creadit libby has been the driving forse behind the gentall author and helps with the bottle tops mans pics that he portrays different animals and now a pic of a man based on himself that’s hanging out side a pub in the coomershall road in stepney London eastern end of the city ,miss libby has 3 books to her stable of publications and knows many famous writers and has her willy in Canada her brother that is I mean shes a lady who is powerfull and strong minded but kind I all ways thought that she should runn for mayoress of hackney with her wisdom and knowleage she would make a good one for the area

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