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sasta an chaisl dedwydd hapus pasq lowen pask happy easter 2014 part 2 of 3

April 20, 2014

DSCF3178DSCF3177DSCF3175DSCF3174DSCF3165sasta an chaisl dedwydd hapus pasq lowen pask happy easter 2014 part 2 of 3

easter has allways like the other times I started to decorate the place for the occations in the year some at the time I stopped doing at the time in 1987 but it adds a touch of colour to make the events like easter more important and heres me doing the wheather today will be sunny and in irealand later in the day it will be rain so enjoy your easter eggs for me as I never had one its a bar of chocolate okay wheres the men next time its easter the final part of the story so until them have a happy easter

but lets not for get the meaning of easter it was about poor jeasus who was put on the cross by them romans who died and rose from the dead on the easter sunday as you know easter is not a time when its fixed some times its in march and some times its in aprill no body quite sure when it is it even could be in may I allways reamember when I was swinging the insence burner that I swang it too hard and all the hot coals fell on the floor in front of the people as I looked and said oh no my handbags on fire but easter has carols like at Christmas and reamember that hymm theres is a green hill far away wioth out a city was where poor dear Christ was crucified whom died to save us all but in my day at the church I allways reamember on one easter service the woman who wore this brilliant orange lippy and it used to get all over the chaliss and the time when I was helping the old vicar give out the brad then handing out the wine the red wine is the blood of Christ and the bread is the body ,the bloke drank the full challiss of wine and then had the cheek to ask for more wee didn’t know at the time that he was a lush ,allcolholic

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