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the trails and trubulations over doing the pics for the book and now that my days of talking pics are over I take a final look back at some of the best ones dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 6, 2015
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imageimageimageimageI over the years since doing the blog ive had and taken ones self many many pics since the days of the first cameras I had back in 1984 I must admit thay was ever so easy to use like I had the 110 it was just a cartridge that you put into the camera and closed the door and rolled the film on and when you fineshed the film just take it to tudor print shop for them to delope them and supprisingley the pics was quite good  and not forgetting the intermatic one where you got a pack of 10 prints in a box you just loaded it into the bottom of the camera and then you was off as after the card came out the bottom it was just a case of pointing the camera at the subject and them the pic would pop out the bottom and it was jut a case of waioting for the pic to devolo p how times of changed since thous early day all thous years ago now  there have been pics some very bad and some very good ,but I never thought guyfawkes on pic or the ghosts of Hampton court either in guy fawkes case over 4 centerys have gone by the only record of him was by painting or drawing as in the 1500s and 1600 cameras hadent been in vented till about 2 centerys later some time in the 1800s the strange thing about the guy fawkes ones as youll see that they are in monochrome .black and white on taking his pic I only saw a breaf second of his reddish brownish beard and blue eyesand blueish pink skin and supprisingley his image is more whole than the others but yet as on one of the occations he hand reached out to touch mine but his just went through my hand ,but one thing ill never forget is his smile and that wink that he has theres nothing quite like it as I taken a back at least I know that disstintive smell of gun powder that he has about his demina its not till you see how powerfully built he was and them big hands compaired to mens to day and that bushy beard with moustache .and them piercing eyes so in a way I felt privaleage to of met him ptdc0493ptdc0490ptdc0495PTDC0449

guyfawkes born in 13th APRILL1570

guyfawkes born in 13th APRILL1570

ptdc0490imageimageimageimageimage and heres some drawing I did of guy fawkes and his friends and his lantern apparently it is oxford shire that’s all I know but oh the fims have not been easy to do the ones before the camera cought fire as I took the last one of guy fawkes out side the towetr the memeroy card got wiped some how then the other daty 2 of the new machines broke down when it came to procceing ther pics and not only that guy fawkes pics as you can see the red background was on the film of Hampton court why I don’t know some things cant be exspanled so over the weeks since going to the tower of London I did some tarrow reading to see how guy fawkes sprit is at the first the reading on the cards seemed to reflect what the situation was at that time on the lastest reading its seems that hes much happier I shall never forget my vists there the writing that appeard on the pic as he was writing his name in that black disstintive ink or the smell of gun powder and that sppoky time as I was watching the ravens by the white tower with that cold icey weight across my shoulders as he vioice carred in the wind with the one of the words being of doth what ever that means ill have to find out and that head less horse man which the pic never came out only an image of that ghostly shadow wich ted kept I think at the time of the next planed return we would get a better one but sadly ted died by then but it seems all the events of the past lead back to guyfawkes in the last story ill exsplain why so until then

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