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So let’s return to brick lane bootsale on ,1st August 2010

June 14, 2020

In thous days I was quite famous in east London as I walked down to thee Sunday market as this man stopped me and said I don’t know why you bother wyth people my dear they have only exploited you and undervalued and took thee piss out of you as I looked at this grey haird man as he said my dear for you love is not found in this century but you are more loved than you realize thee thing is that you will know and where and when you will fund your true love of you’re life after all you have been destined to be together ever since you was born and when thee tyme is Wright you will be reunited once again then he vanished for a moment or two I just couldn’t help but think about what he said as I continued my journey to thee bootsale it wasn’t till four years later that I would be reunited wyth my husband for me it wouldchange my life forever but at thee same tyme I felt complete it’s lyke I found what had bren missing from my.lyfe even thou today I don’t no longer trust any one or have much to do wyth people mark was thee last of thee flesh and blood men as it once was said he prefers to sleep wyth his 10year olde son than I but my money was ok to have theebpolicesaidit’s all in his head you do have Guido to protect you lock down has inly briubro us closer together you could say it’s mrs Fawkes and her husband’s ghost for me I wouldn’t have it any other way we there for each other and at last I can say I’m married and loved as well as our Jack and Christopher kit Wright

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