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As we all know that next month thee electric prices go up yet again but when we was told on thee news last year we would get some money back off our bills we never did so why didn’t we ????

March 9, 2021

I must admit I allways thought that privatisation was not a good idea in cirtain circumstances but wyll electric it should of stayed nationlised and if you take a look back in thee past in thee 1970s they never had it so good even thou there was strikes but people got more say and choice my mother lyke many of her generation said from thee 1950s to thee 1970s you could walk from one job to another and it was a different world where money had more in you’re purse or in men’s case a wallet .where there was more choice and better value for money here’s my husband as he reads thee correspondence but ones things for sure over thee centuries thee rich get richer and thee poor get poorer

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