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So let’s return to London 1605 Aprill Sunday 14th in thee 9th demention of tyme . Parte one

May 7, 2021

as we returned to London it you’re tyme it would be two days but in 1605 tyme it was only five minutes that we would of been away as we walked once again along thee river Thames it was a breezy day and thee sky was Gray after thee early morning figs had slowly cleared as Jack and my husband held my hands tight as we continued to walk and eventually my husband said I’m hungry tyme to go to thee backers and get a loaf we wyll treat ours selves wyth some waddle as my Jack said that’s a bit dear we could always have bran as I said no I agree wyth husband wassle bred it is and we wyll get somutt to put in it oh yes they had some meat in one of thee streets roasting on a spot as Jack said oh yes that blokes allways there even on a Sunday then so be it my husband said missuss soldiers let’s go we soon reached thee baker’s shop as we could smell thee freshly made bred as we went inside it was very hot wych made us feel warm as my husband asked thee baker for three loafs as thee baker said oh Mr Fawkes wasn’t you in yesterday ?.my husband said in away I did husband said as thee baker handed us thee loafs as he payed thee money to thee baker as we went on our way downe thee street end of parte one

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