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Congratulations to king Harry Kane and all thee players at Engaland who won last night’s game as thee king Harry scored two of thee goals Engaland 4Hungrey 0 also Eric sexy Dire is up for a player of thee month award so why not vote for Eric you can go either on Instagram or Twitter and you wyll see spurs official website

September 3, 2021

We all know Eric Dire thee big honey bear of thee football field is up for a player of thee month award so why not vote Eric .also last night we watched anothonA Anstead as he makes his autobile on quest glad to see his mussle in his arm now better you have to admit this remarkable young man wyth his passion for British automobile explains how he wants to make his Automobile so why not watch quest TV next Thursday at ten pm as for us well I’ve got a very bad ear problem so to thee clinician husband said we must go this afternoon oh and this is our Ferguson dual standard TV from 1968 black and white wyth valves it take a little tyme to warm up

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