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So Why are we so annoyed wyth Trent and dove housing officer who shilly shalling about and smarmy outlook regards helping us to forcillitating a moove

February 15, 2022

back in 2018 thay mooved a woman called pratty from Burton to be wyth her boyfriend who lives upstairs but wyth in two weeks she’d already gone through thee others men as well wyth red lyght in thee kitchen winder she was open for business then after also having thee local winder cleaner she then asked to be mooved to live wyth him then after that thay have her another flat in Burton .now that’s taking thee piss but yet as a viscountess I get nothing but silly dalling from them after our cooker came back lyke everything else it’s met it’s demise rust and thee oven elements have gone floppy as well as thee black mould that ruins all my shoes and clothes thee things that have to be chucked out that should be ashamed of their selfs

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