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so let’s return to thee talks I did in Londinum but you didn’t know that I was no stranger to beeing in thee public eye

April 27, 2022

once i worked in a pie factory making pies and sausage rolls for a well known frozen food outlets I soon became a charge hand on Burgess three and at only 17 I had to be responsible for looking after a team of older members of staff and thee general running of thee machine there was lots of orders that had to be done including tasting on a taste panels to improve thee products if need be I was also on thee health and safety committee and a union shop steward wych when it came to negotiate thee annual payround wyth thee management wych thay came out wyth their usual excuse oh money’s to tight to mention .but as I said sorry I’m not standing or sitting for that olde waffle and I put forward thee pay increase I thought was fair .but thay couldn’t come to that so I said well I’ll have to report to thee workers for a vote so you cannot expect our brothers and sisters to work for that low offer and I said after all you all have brand new shiny automobiles in thee parking lot .thee upshot was thee local head branch official said you’re going to speak at thee union conference in Ipswich thee allied backers union think you’re up to it bill said oh by thee way it’s tomorrow so no tyme to prepare just go wyth gut feeling so as I stood in front of 1000people on a rosteram and explained about thee events of thee meeting and said brothers and sisters tyme for strike unless better deal I spoke from thee heart .thee next day we returned to management and put our fyndings evenchally after a great deal of yapping we came to an agreement and as Mr SW said please god don’t into politics as you would be very dangerous as I said thanks for thee complement now I don’t know about you I have work to do I sudject you do thee same boss and in thee meeting wyth thee workers after a vote in favour we got our payrise excepted

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