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my first past and present lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th it would be a day that would change my lyfe for ever when this tyme joins wyth another tyme on that snowy day back in January 2014 but it would take another four years for thee answer to finally comeuth to me so let’s return this is 17th century pics production

May 6, 2022

parte six as Henry and I stood looking out thee winder to thee clock opposite Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth remembere what I said on my death bede as you’re ghost held my hand as everyone stood by my Bede ?as I said why in God’s name why do you ask me that husband as Henry said beloived guire humour thee ok beloved husband you thouth said I wyll first take a little sleep and then as I feel my self I wyll advise upon thee matter we was at White hall palace Henry .so you do remembere beloved wife my guire yes Henry yes I just douth told thee as Henry said beloived tyme is running short if I have to return you to you’re world but why not stay and thee and me together can haunt here together again please stay !as I said thoust can not beloved remembere I’m of flesh and blood now .oh dear beloved so you are so you are but you are part ghost ?yes Henry as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we walked around various rooms and when Henry you had Ann b head cut off you had all monograms removed but you forgot one look AH as king Henry said beloived you are right I’ll have thous responseables heads for this end of parte six

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