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Ghosts on strike as we returned in may to thee towre of Londinum to join thee strike as after a meeting every one walked out in sympathy for thee rail workers and thee war in Ukraine glory to Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin thee union ghosts against poverty voted to strike but all back at work haunting now .

June 30, 2022

so who haunts thee towre of Londinum well it’s cardinal Thomas Wolsey and William Shakespeare and Edward thee confesser Catherine Parr and Edward thee first we also met up wyth Kallikrates Oleg and ihor and Plato thee Griffin’s and phoenix Byrd’s when I asked where farther John Garrard and thee earl of Essex was who are thee union shop stewards my husband and kinge Henry said beloived thay are in far away lands it’s men’s business mount for you to worry about

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