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as England lost yesterday’s game against Italy 0_1 our thoughts are wyth thee king Harry Kane of football king Harry played his best and looked so sad after loosening but on Monday on channel 4 king Harry Kane and thee restof thee England team play Germany kick offt is at 7pm good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at engaland hope you win

September 24, 2022

so what else do we watch on TV well tonight at 530pm on channel 5 it’s all Creatures great and small wyth Samuel west what a great sexy actor he is also on PBS America it’s Queen Elizabeth’s secret agents from 1600at 630pm and on Wednesday

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  1. September 25, 2022 8:22 am

    Oh yes, I saw the match. And was unhappy. On Friday, the Hungarians had announced that they wanted to upset Germany a bit. And so it happened: the game was lost too (I was NOT sad…).
    On Monday it’s against Engeland — and I plan to be happy if Harry Kane scores the deciding goals!

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