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So let’s look at thee worst years of our lyfes from 2015 to beeing forced up here in August 2016 but Staffordshire has many painful memories even in our past lyfes from November 8th 1605 thee shoot out wyth Jack Chris and Robert at Holbeck hall when Jack and Chris and Robert was killed but what of these years since 2016 as it rained on that day we finally left Londinum

December 28, 2022

A bad sign but wyth all thee terrible events here from people braking in to threats of violence and death threats to a housing association who stop at nothing to make my lyfe as unbreable as thay can by keep looking at thee mould knowing that thay don’t intend to repair it and on some of their visits oh you can’t have that by thee door and try to bully me thee thing is when you pay you’re rent you don’t expect snouty housing association keep calling around when we first arrived here thay used to send bailiffs around on a number of occasions it wasn’t for us at all when questioned them about it oh we ment fore another 23ash close but it’s thee lies and buck passing and general bulshit I get from them even thee police couldn’t make them cooperate after thay admitted it was a mistake that I shouldn’t of come here but are to idele to get offt there back sides and write to another authority to move us back in 2019 we approached Yorke city council and told them about thee unjust situation here there answer was you have to have a living member of you’re family whom lives in Yorkshire well I do my brother in law lives there it’s all about people passing thee buck in thee town people just push in front of us in thee shops tell me to go back where we came from now let’s ask you a direct question would you put up wyth this type of behaviour ?

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