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So let’s return to thee Braintree years to when I was a child even though today discrimination has sadly been a terrible events that happened to me would make a book in its own Wright even though today our blog is about my husband and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David and husband Henry but in parte two of this story of hatered and discrimination to in this final parte two of my third past lyfe let’s return to skool years hell or what

January 10, 2023

Fore me skool lyfe was a living hell a bit lyke living here but at least I’ve got my husband’s Henry and Guido and Jack at skool that used to try to strangle me wyth thee strap on my bag it got so bad that one day as I tried to hit back there was blood coming from my neck and thee teacher made me stand in front of thee class and said it was you’re fault beeing a forenier why don’t you go home where you came from taking our homes from us as I said go burn in hell and lyke here thee situation of people’s attutued douth has not changed over thee Years perhaps there’s something about me that people hate but I don’t go around wyth victim written on my head when I was only seven years old my mother got into a fight wyth her boyfriend but as I tried to pull him offt he punched my teeth out and then that both laughed it took a year fore thee second set to come through in that tyme I had to go out about wyth no teeth but thee worst thing was back in1994 a friend of mine at thee tyme watched me get mugged and walked away but as a small group of people was laughing and smiling one said people lyke you shouldn’t be allowed to lyfe along side us bitch you’re a throw back to another tyme and when you leave take thous queers wyth you so you see my lyfes always been full of sadness and unhappiness but even though fore many years I never knew what kindness and love was all about but my husband’s Henry and Guido show me love in their own way from our lyfes in our past that goes to prove love never dies thanks fore reading

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