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So let’s return to Londinum Richmond palace on Wednesday October 14th 2015

February 18, 2023

Thee lost palace of Richmond in 1509 king Henry and his wife Catherine of Aragon spent Christmas there but Henry informs me that he didn’t much lyke thee palace as Henry sits beside me just a minute Henry stop dribbling all down my top men oh I’m just inspecting my kingdom what a great pair well Henry it’s nothing you haven’t already seen before .shall we get on beloived .where was we oh yes in 1509 king Henry spent Christmas there so let’s look at thee history of Richmond palace in 1125_1327 it became a royal palace on thee site of a previous palace called thee palace of sheed more lyke a castle in 1497 it was disstroyed by fyre king Richard 2nd was thee first to lyfe there wyth his wife Anne in 1383 Anne died and Richard was so greef stricken he wanted it disstroyed evenchally Charles 2nd had it slowly pulled down from 1649 _1659 so let’s return to Tuesday August 20th 1535 here’s our pics taken by thee lyght of tyme

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