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good evening this is thee contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ? It’s parte 49 of our soap wyth only one remaining parte to go as we go to Christmas tyme in Frame Chester so let’s return to our motle based in Yorke .

September 25, 2021

Hello contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ? As it’s Mr stinkers on thee fone .oh hullo Mrs Fawkes we was wondering if you and you’re husband would be our guests and switch on our Christmas lights today as it would be such a hoot if one could ? As I say can you just hold thee line as I ask my husband Mr stinkers want us to switch on thee Christmas lights at Frame Chester tonight what do you think husband? Well if there’s free ale and we could go ok I’ll tell him .hullo yes my husband said that wyll be fine what tyme say 5pm and my husband said hope there’s plenty of ale as Mr stinkers said yes and mulled wine for my lady and toasted marshmallows .ok see you then as my husband said you better get you’re glad rags on missus and Tom you’re in charge ok boss Tom said as it’s already 3pm as my husband Jack and Christopher and I go to get ready as my husband looks at his suit what about this one beloved? Oh no husband you can’t wear that it’s full of holes not only that you don’t want to end up on thee bonfire now do you husband ? Most cirtainly not wife as I have a look wear thee pin stripe wyth black cloke and conical hat here you are husband ok I’ll wear that as we soon set off as I say to my husband and Jack and Christopher boy you do look handsome as we get on thee horse and carte as Dobbin soon clippy clip downe thee Yorke streets and soon we are there as thee Towne looks very festive as we turn on thee Towne lights and my husband and Jack and Christopher have a few quarts of ale and myself a glass or three of wine wyth toasted marshmallows we soon was on our way as we arrived back at thee motle reception Tom said looks like you had a good night as my husband said yes reet grand lad

thee sunsets of 1604 to present tymes how our world has changed over thee centuries.

September 24, 2021

back in 1604 when we returned to London I was suppriced how things in thee heavens looked more brighter than today mind you there wasn’t much pollution then as people lyke to day went about their daily lives trying to make a living and scratch for their grout 4d or if they was lucky an angle coin usually one years wages but in reality noubt has changed thee poor are poor wyth bad housing and thee toffee nosed rich prance about flouting their wealth

as we returned to 1960s Christmas tyme in London in thee 5th dementation of tyme

September 24, 2021

coming up on our blog as we discussed about going back to 1605 and weather our lamp of tyme could been us in London there and then but my husband said when thee lamp returns we wyll have to wait and see if it could be done and if it can it would be making history also we returned to London in 5th dementation of tyme in monochrome 1960s here’s a taste of what we saw and come at Christmas tyme ready ?

September 24, 2021
1960s London

we took loads of pics when we was making our soap opera thee contraflow roads motle but we never thought we see a mouse it had such a cheeky Grin so we called him Eric.mind you to see a mouse in England is a rare sight

September 24, 2021

as we returned to Yorke in 1604 as we wait for thee Yorke to London stage ye ha

September 23, 2021

Back in 1604 it was a four days ride from Yorke to London thee only trainsport was either thee trusty steed or wait for thee Yorke stage as you could well except a bumby ride

as you know that in Stafford shire thee internet connection is very bad and TV pics are snowy to say thee least so on our mobile fone what can we get well we can only limited Access to thee internet

September 22, 2021

when you have a computer wyth broadband internet connection it’s easy but we don’t so thee pics you see are trainmitted via our lamp but it’s not on earth so you may find thee pics aren’t very clear but my husband said it will return to this dementation of tyme again for it’s last two visits to our world to take us back to London 1605 and this tyme it wyll beam thee pics to our TV set even thou in 1605 inforredd light is thee strongest form of light in that tyme and wyth thee signatures we left behind there our lamp can send us back to that point in tyme as one can see on our TV thee pics are snowy

thee sunsets of 1605 back then there was not much pollution no fones not any radioactively in thee world of people wythNo technology

September 21, 2021

to travel back wyth my husband and Jack and Christopher to another tyme is mind blowing but in thee same token to get thee chance to relive them moments is breath taking but even thou there wyll no films or TV show about our tyme traveling experiences at least we can tell and show you what we see and how things are

Over a couple of years now we did a few spurs football club a few good luck messages either to wysh king Harry Kane and sex bomb Eric Dire a happy Halloween or Christmas ones but back in thee summer king Harry was in lyne thanking every one for their gifts and letters and cards as they had a excerbition of them sadly I and we never got a message so we decided that this year’s Christmas greetings wyll be our last one to them

September 20, 2021

it was one of thee hardest cards to make and film but wyth snowmen and trees falling about as thee snow stopped falling and thee lights on thee trees as they went out and trying to get them working again was a monumental task but here it is over here in England on our TV screens thee Christmas ads have ready appeard but it don’t really feel a lot lyke Christmas yet any way soon be Halloween must get my broomstick out or I could use my new one thee Eric modle 15 /1605

So as we returned to London April 13th 1605 and this is olde London Bridge wyth it’s houses and buildings that spanned thee bridge as it gives you thee reader an insite on what thee bridge looked lyke back in 1605 in 11th dementation of tyme but we can’t see why we shouldn’t have thee luxury of tyme

September 19, 2021

for many centuries untill us as we show you our lyfes from our past lyfes till thee ones we lyfe today thee difference is that in this lyfe it’s more complicated and stressful