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That’s thee wonder of Woolworths as we returned to 1960s Britain are you ready let’s go back through tyme.

June 16, 2021

as you know that we returned to Bristol and here’s our woolworths pics I remember as a small child they used to sell balloons on sticks in there stores my mother refused to buy me one so after doing some cleaning for my nan I after one month saved thee penny a week and 2d I’d already had went and brought one as I walked down white ladies road wyth my balloon till my mother popped in my face boy didn’t that hurt and she laughed but it frightening me and even today I’m scared of them in case they go bang .but when I went back to my aunty’s there was a big blue balloon as it was cought up on thee fence as I untied it for a little while it followed me every where and at night it stayed at thee bottom of thee bed wych was two hay bales wyth a blanket on them then one day it blew up into thee heavens never to be seen again but going back to woolworths they was a great store and sadly missed here’s our pics taken by thee lamp of tyme next tyme we return to thee contrafCon roads motle

Lyke all couples we do our shopping lyke any one else thee only difference is my husband is Guido Fawkes and Jack kit Wright

June 16, 2021

and as we return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone on thus hot day as we go to get our food ect my husband and Jack stand guard to make sure we do our shopping quickly

As we say a quick good bye to Mr toffee nosed and his party at thee Contraflow roads motle it’s parte 12,of our soap so hello contraflow roads motle can I help you ?

June 15, 2021

good morning Daniel any messages ? Yes Mrs Fawkes Mr toffee nosed wanted his bill made up as he inquiry as they are leaving today at 10pm to catch thee train from Yorke to London .I see thanks Daniel .as my husband said it’s already been made up .as Mr toffee nosed walked in and said hello olde beans topping service jolly good show watto it’s a shame we have to go as my husband gives him his bill as my toffee nosed go wyth my husband to thee till and pays his cash over .I say cracking good food absolute hoot as they say we looking forward to coming again tyme to say tally ho ok yeah just so simply spiffing .as my husband said tyme to get Dobbin put on his carte my love and let’s go for a ride to witby .yes husband but jack’s doing thee cricket commentary from frame Chester on thee TV in five mins oh we watch that and go out this afternoon .as thee valves warm up on our TV as thee pic gets bigger on thee screan oh looks there’s my Jack from Frame chester and it’s left cheek playing flaming cheek village as Jack says here we are at thee fourth test as plummy goes to bowl thee ball towards chummy oh bad show leg before whicket as thee game goes on as Jack says that’s a six for plummy and one over maden as thee game finessed it’s flaming cheek win as Jack said this has been Jack for thee Contraflow roads motle

Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? Parte 11as thee church warden return’s from his holidays in Worcester and he’s has a lot of explaining to do so let’s return

June 14, 2021

As father Garnet sits in his study and writes his surmon as he concenolates how to finish it when a knock on thee door as he says come in Mr Adder I’ve been expecting you ! I take it you had a good tyme wyth you’re friend sir hiss ? Yes said Mr Adder but we was dissaponted wyth not getting on TV program country folder .I see said Henry Garnet .now perhaps you can explain why you booked in three funerals when you know in our religion that one is permitted on one said day .and not only that you gave permission to two ice cream sellers to park there vans on church property ? I’m sorry holy father .is that all you got to say for you’re self ? Yes said Mr Adder as he held his book in his hand .as father Garnet said and what’s this you have a present for me ? No it’s by a man called Mr Tindle from 1435 he wrote thee Bible into English language but was called thee most hated man in England .have you read it Holly father ? No cirtainly not and I don’t want to see you wyth thee book either do you understand my slippery friend or it will be burnt as I wyll not loose favour wyth Rome we use thee olde testerment in Latin not any other I wyll have to imform thee bishop about this matter in thee mean tyme for you’re pennence you wyll say 100hell Mary’s every day you wyll also clean and scrub every parte of thee church I think you wyll make a good scrubber and thee stained glass winders every day wyll be cleaned in side and out is that under stood ? But afather Garnet if there stained why do I have to clean them ? Enough Mr Adder now get on wyth you’re tasks you have been set to do .yes I wyll end of parte 11

Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? It’s parte 11 so let’s return.

June 13, 2021

good morning as Chris is on reception any messages chris ? Yes Mrs Fawkes I’ve sent Daniel into st peters gate to get what you’re husband wanted as my husband said I really need thous for beadles to do some DIY jobs and we need thee four tea caddies for thee motle kitchen as it’s thee harvest festival today in all hallows church as he calls to Jack and Tom and Robert are you’re pumkins ready for Mr right bottom to judge at 3pm in thee church yes we ready .as Jack says oh no not olde tight bottom .why do you say that Jack ? Christopher said ? Well he’s so picky and critical in his remarks .as Daniel arrives back and says got thee items you wanted boss Mr fawkes as my husband said as he looked at four golf caddies and four paddles .as he said want a job doing do it you’re self .no Daniel I said four tea caddies and four braddles not golf caddies and paddles got thee reseats yes Daniel said then come wyth me back into Towne as he said missuss I won’t be long ok husband .as christopher said oh Mrs Fawkes Mr toffee nosed and his party are leaving tomorrow ok chris noted .as Jack said Tom and Robert we better head on to thee church wyth our pumkins beloved are you coming Jack said to me ? Ok Jack as Jack said Tom you show me thine and I’ll show you mine as Tom said I’m going to win I’ve got a beautiful big one year I bet you say that to all thee wimmin and laughs .now come on lass play nicely now as we head off to thee church as farther Henry Garnet is waiting for thee funeral directors to turn up from crypt and tight fisted firm as in catholic only one person can be buried at on thee day and wyll go to heaven if any more want to buried they have to come back thee next tyme .as we go into thee church as Jack gets his out and lobbs it on thee table his pumkin as we say what a big one you have there back as he looks at me and smirks and said well Mrs Fawkes should know she’s had it many tymes men as Tom and Robert put there’s out in thee table as we look as Mr tight bottom comes to look and Father Henry Garnet and him walk and inspect thee pumkins after they talked they said we have an announcement to make 3rd prize to Robert 2nd to Tom and as Jack has a wapper he gets first prize of a bottle of wine as we say well done every one S Farther Henry Garnet goes out to meet thee under takers and only to fynd that three has turned up to be buried as he says it’s only supposed to be one as he looked in thee book and said Mr Adder has triple booked I’ll have to ring around to see if another church can take them after a few mins he came out if his office red faced and went out side and said two off you can go up to st peters church only half. Mile away they will take you both as he said now u I can just do one funeral end if parte 11

So let’s return to thee little village of Cressing near Braintree Essex who would of thought that all them years ago as a small child that thee fyrey handbag would become thee handbag of fyre

June 13, 2021

it was one of thous events of 1970s tyme that would not only give thee holy father a big shock and suporice as early on trying to get thee intense burner to lyght I had to resort to putting petrol on them subbing coals mynd you thee instance really burned nice and glowing Redd but as I swing this heavey vessel around little did I know that thee thing would burst in to flames and shoot hot coals on thee floor of thee front row of thee congregation to their horrer as thee holy father had to throw a pale of cold watter on thee hot coals as they steamed as thee smoke filled thee air of hot metal and intense

Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you? Tis be parte 10 thee renewal of our vows so let’s return to thee church lights camera action as tom our floor manager says

June 13, 2021

as we stand in front of Father Henry Garnet as we did over four hundred years ago in 1602 my husband said it would be a good idea to renew our vows ? As Farther Henry Garnet said we once again in thee presents of God to witness thee continuation of Guido and Boudicca Fawkes and how there love and devotion to each other wyll allways be .when I first married them on that cold winter snowy day out side Scarborough and Witby I knew they would go from strength to strength and once again this happy couple have stood in thee face of God and renewed their vows to each other .you may now kiss you’re bride as guy said she wyll get more than that .as Father Henry Garnet said we are in God’s place we sang thous feet in ancient tymes as Jack said not only you married to guido you’re married to all of us as Father Henry Garnet said yes Jack you have a valid point and she is .as we drank thee wine and eat thee wafrer of bred and rise to our feet as we went out of thee church Farther Henry Garnet said where’s thee choir they shisho of been here for evensong practise ?as we went out side they was at thee two ice cream vans licking their ice creams as Robert said Jack fancy a 69 there only 6d as Jack smerked and said let’s go and buy some call it my treat and then we can have a long 69 my love as I said oh Jack you are a one .as father Garnet said to thee ice cream sellers who gave you permission to use church sacred space ? As they replied we spoke you you’re church warden Mr Frank adder he’s got our number as farther Garnet said he’s a good adder up but can be a slippery man who speaks wyth fork tounge .as Jack said Mr Adder is in his holidays in Worcester he meets his friends they are in thee club of slithers uk .I see said Mr Garnet he waits till he get back here yes we said as we lucked out ice creams end of parte ten

So let’s look at my prediction as I look into my crystal ball

June 12, 2021

so let’s have a quick look well wyll we unlock and go back on June 21st I’m afraid to say not looking good it wyll be in July around thee middle of thee month as for thee weather hot and sunny temps in thee south of Engand 80f for a few days a bit of rain next week but nothing to substantial Temos above average if only I could forecast thee national lottery numbers I should be so lucky lucky lucky in thee 25years it’s been going all we get it sorry not a winner it could never be you .but some one wins it but alas not I .but thee lottery is not a new thing in thee late 16th century queen Elizabeth thee first one brought out thee lottery to find extra ships and a war chest as it’s a good way of raising money then it fell out of favour wyth thee public at thee tyme it wasn’t untill 1974 when Maldon council brought there own verson of thee lottery back then in ,November 1994 thee government brought it back .

9years of our blog on wordpress who would of thought that we would still be on here after all this tyme in thee early days wyth thee help of thee great gental author at Bishopsgate London libary that I would start to tell you my story then it bacame our story of heart Ake but through thee bad and sad tymes we battled on from thee first story’s I wrote about my tyme as a young child and thee two pigs I used to look after Paul and Keith and through thee hard tymes of that terrible past .

June 12, 2021

and even thou as I grew up and thee ghosts I met and thee people I met that would change my lyfe for ever .in a lot of cases you could say unfrequented love if you think about it wyth flesh and blood men thee rich ones in thee public eye in reality wouldn’t want to know any body lyke me money attracts money and even thou in some instances they promote rights for some but not for others in their passonia and even thou I tryed to say hi here I am but it didn’t work and even thou I showed them thee hand of friendship they didn’t even say thanks .but lyfe is some tymes cruel and hard but at least I’ve got my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert for over five years now they have been a big parte of my lyfe where people lyke Eric and Harry didn’t want to know even thou in thee past on some sites people have been creul in there attitude towards them just because you loose a game as some tymes they did but people don’t have thee right to send them nasty messages in fact I’ve had many internet clashes wyth some of their fans to show them thee error of their ways I there for would lyke to think that they would think before writing such remarks after all we are all human beings after all but lyfing here is thee worst place I’ve even lyfed in and sadly people’s attitude towards me wyth never change you could say in this situation thee battle was lost and up and down thee country in small market shit Townes thee small minded attitude wyll always be over thee years I’ve met many ghosts in fact I’m more popular in thee sprit world than on earth .and wyll beeing married to a ghost tyme travel is a way of lyfe that when I started writing thee blog I never thought back then I would ever u

Encounter as for my many father’s one I had David was parte American so that’s why you see reference to thee trunk and hood on autobiles he was a big parte in my lyfe from 1969t0 1976 but sadly was killedin a car crash in 1976 but his sprit lyfes wyth us now and we all happily lyfe together as one big e family now well what wyll year ten be lyke I wonder as for major dissapontments well it has to be Mark and Paul Ptor next tyme we return to thee conrafow roads motle cani help you

So let’s return to thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you?

June 11, 2021

as mr toffee nosed and his party slip their ale as I go to ask them are they ready to order their food as Binky said oh yummy yummy I say that wyll be an absolute hoot what’s on thee menu ? Well we have venison and custard pie snowe and roast peacock oh yummy you wait till I tell my mummy pinky said as he then said have you ever tried cock in thee van dysh it’s really very good ? As my husband said she is well satisfied by me thank you .as stinkers rushes out as I say what’s thee matter wyth him ? Oh it’s his trousers they are a little tight said pinky oh I see I thought wyth thee fall out he just had I do hope even thou a bit exposed that he can buy him self a bigger pair .oh does one have a fondle set we all down south lyke a good fondle wyth cheese after our dinner ? I see what you do down south is you’re bussness as pinky said I’ve got sore missgivings .well I’m sorry to hear that olde been have you tryed talc on them or you could see our in house doctors e could book you an appointment wyth either doctor Death or doctor coffin if you lyke ? As Binky said oh what a jolly good show olde been are you ready to order gentle men as Binky and stinkers came back and said I’ve had a little acedent I’m sorry to hear that stinkers I’m not surprised wearing them trousers perhaps you should go to burton what do you think husband ? As my husband said we went to Burton once didn’t lyke thee place remember missuss? Oh yes hated it as pinky said we wyll all have venison and custarde and spotted dick wyth custarde ok so that wyll be five dinners they wyll be at you’re table in five mins .can we order some drinks as my husband brings them thee wine list and Jack recommend our house red as he said it’s full bodied and wyll go down well as pinky said how absolutely spiffing jolly good show as I bring there dinners as they go and eat it all up as Binky said three more bottles please after two hours they left our refectory and sat in thee bar it was soon tyme for them to retire to their rooms as pongo said do you read night tyme story’s as my mummy does she allways reads Thomas thee tank engine ? Must cirtainly not see you for breakfast in thee refectory at 7am till 930am ok tally how olde bean what a simplwt scrumptious meal bravo jolly good show Mrs Fawkes end of parte 9