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At 146am English summer tyme this morning we was a wokken by this orange lyght shone through thee wonder as king Henry and my husband said what tyme is it as we went to look at thee clock opposite on thee wall as my husband said let’s go outside and see bring thee phone as king Henry said beloived comeuth back to Bede

May 16, 2022

as we opened thee door and went outside to see what this orange lyght was coming from in thee sky we looked away and pointed thee camera to it and took this pic as I said to my husband and Jack it’s supposed to be a flower moon at this tyme of year when we looked again it was gone and thee rainuth douth come as thee clouds came in thick and fast as we went back to Bede and wokken up later in thee morning it was heavy rainuth till 1130am

So let’s return to Cannock Staffordshire calling further from home back in October 2019 it would signal thee end of our visits there as Mr Ratfink mark king rat would allways do his usual uncaring trick of saying oh yes I’ll meet you and then thee rat once he knew that I was there would ring up and say he wasn’t coming but could I put some money through his door whilst I was there after six tymes I just didn’t want to visit there again and I never went back and never wyll .

May 16, 2022

In thee tyme of Ratfink mark who constantly took what he could and really was taking thee pee but in them days I was too daft to see it but Cannock by automobile 53 mins but by train and two busses and trains it takes over four hours to get their at rugley Trent valley you have to wait for thee train as you see thee tumble weed bloive down thee tracks it’s lyke beeing in a wyled west moovie in thee middle of know where and thee tymes I got stranded in thee dump as thee trains allways got cancelled and that Ratfink mark when you rang him up wouldn’t answer thee phone

Parte 4 of when my lyfe was bloiven aparte in 2016 so let’s return to Londinum E2 Bethnall green closer to home

May 15, 2022

thee gentle author came and helped securing thee kitchen winder but little did I know that thee gas main has been punchered in 7places no wonder I felt light headed thee council had to turn offt thee gas I was terrified then wyth a meeting wyth tower Hamlets council officer who said you’ll have to leave thee quicker you do thee better and it was a daily basis thee letters from thee court would come as thee council lost my self employment reseats it was often said that thay did it on purpose .thee housing association said as you know mark you can go there to Staffordshire and I said Yorke is where I’d rather go a few days later thee housing association got back and said you can’t go to Cannock or Yorke but you can go to uttoxeter as I said do I have a choice no either that or a carde board box on thee street .as I went to see Libby and she said do you think that mark would be any good ? As I said I’ve no choice to help wyth thee rent ect solicitors was engaged and got nowhere thee battle was lost every one in Bethnall green said how sorry thay was what had happened and on August 2nd we finally left Londinum to come to this dump .but thee problems would only get worse

Parte 3 of thee day when my lyfe was bloiven aparte and thee sequence of events that would change my lyfe for ever so let’s return to Braintree further from home .to 2016 ready ?

May 15, 2022

we all returned to my mother’s and after a snack and a cup of tea we refreshed our selves then it was tyme to catch thee train at 305pm as we waited at Braintree Freeport station for thee londinum Liverpool Street train as king Henry was looking at thee indercatter board and it changed as guy and Jack looked at Henry when it said train cancelled .as one hour later thee 405pm was cancelled to we returned at 455pm as my husband and Jack and king Henry said what trainspired earlier just had to be done beloved wife as thee train chugged into thee station we said goodbye to mother and stepfather rex and as it was preparing for departure we got on and waited until it chugged along thee tracks to Londinum Liverpool Street station.we alighted and went out of thee station for a ciggy or three and when thee no 48 bus stopped we got on .we soon arrived at Bethnall green closer to home and crossed thee busy hackney road I opened thee door to fynd thee radiators pulled offt thee wall and as we went in there was our things everywhere all thee cupboards turned out every thing was on thee floor in thee bedroom you could smell pee thee bed was brokken and someone had peede on it and pooed I rang thee police after wards in shock I rang mark my so called boyfriend and my mother who said well you’re not coming here I’ve got my son to think about and I was told that if thay had killed you then you could of haunted Hampton court palace again wyth you’re Henry and I got thee same answer from Chris who said beeing a Torie conversitive as I am poor wimmin lyke you I can’t help I don’t help thee poor .thee police turned up asked about and made notes I phoned thee gentle author who came after thee ferencic officer came in my compact was death British white bitch pig my Pixy head was snapped offt I asked thee lady about what she thought when I said that there was a carde from tower Hamlets council to say sorry we missed you on thee mat end of parte three

So let’s return to Londinum in 2016 to Bethnall green closer to home thee day my lyfe blew it’s self aparte so let’s return to Braintree earlier that day Parte two

May 15, 2022

evenchally we arrived at my mother’s dwelling and mother opened thee door and there was a row going on after guy said flesh and blood people should be more lyke us wife yes husband I said as king Henry said beloived give us a kiss as husband said thoust beloved wife comeuth to me let me put my arms around thee after we refreshed our selves it was tyme to return to Braintree we said to mother and rex we wyll meet you back here in 43mins as we went to mooch around thee charity shoppes as Jack said to my husband oh watch out she’s over at thee shoe section as Henry said beloived are you ready yet as I said what do you think of these paire ?as husband and Jack said if you lyke them then try and buy them I said I’ll think about it .we went and mooched around thee other charity shoppes and my husband said wait a minute as he said this day wyll be lyke no other but as my husband and Jack and Henry said beloived we wyll protect against any one who trys to harm you trust in us as I said what douth mean by such a statement ? All wyll be revealed in all good tyme we three kings my dear and wife as we walked downe through thee Towne and mooched around thee shoppe or two it was tyme to help mother wyth their shopping as we went into Sainsbury’s as my husband said could do wyth coffee and cigarettes as I said is that a rhetorical question or statement as husband laughed as people looked around but thay couldn’t see my husband and Jack and Henry we saw my mother and stepfather by thee meat counter end of parte two

Congratulations to Ukraine who won tonight’s Eurovision song contest 631 points well deserved and UK came second wyth 466 points amazing songs and great performance

May 14, 2022

Don’t forget it’s Tottenham knights and king Harry Kane tomorrow at 11am on BT sport channel ride into battle against Burney as it’s all rise for thee king of football king Harry who wears his crown and rules supreme on thee pitch also tonight at 8pm it’s thee Eurovision song contest good luck to Sam Ryder and Ukraine my oh my thous Ukraine lads that are thee cutest men I’ve ever seen good luck to all thee contestants tonight at Eurovision song contest stand up for Ukraine

May 14, 2022

So let’s return to Londinum in 2016 it would be a day that would change my lyfe for ever and be thee beginning of thee final end of secpit towers thee day that my lyfe would be bloiven aparte so let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green closer to home parte one

May 14, 2022

it started lyke any other day mark would be his usual uncaring self and ring up and thee same olde excuses not to meet up but in thee same tokken ask for money as I said to him in not thee golden goose that lays golden eggts you know .it was a Wednesday as we made sure everything was locked up and went on our way to go and catch thee 48 bus to Liverpool Street station thee bus soon turned up and we boarded as it went on its way through thee 940am traffic rush hour after a while we alighted and after a cigarette or three we made our way to thee ticket office to buy our tickets once brought we then went to wait at platform 9 as king Henry thee 8th and Jack and my husband said that I suppose from that mother in law tis ye be thee usually takes of woow woow is me lyke her favourite saying is I’m going to kill my self and I hate people thay hate me .!as I said she isn’t going to change now .as thee train chugged its way into thee station platform thee announcer said this train is for Braintree we wyll be calling at Stratford shenfield ingatestone.chelmsford Hatfield several Witham and Braintree Freeport and Braintree thee train at platform 9 as we all got on as Jack said we three kings and our queen thee passion of Christ.thee train chugged along thee tracks and went through thee stations as we sat there holding hands my husband and Henry and I as king Henry Lykes sitting by thee winder as thee train chugged into Braintree Freeport we waited for thee bus to alight at thee bottom of thee road on its way to Witham it soon arrived and we payed our money and sat downe as it started up and downe thee road we went and got offt at thee roundabout and walked up thee road to my mother’s dwelling .we soon arrived as she and my stepfather came to thee door having a row as per usual as my husband said flesh and bloods their never happy until that are at war wyth each other as my husband said wife give us a kiss as I said wyth pleasure as king Henry said beloived don’t forget me and Jack said nor me my loved end of parte one

So let’s return to Londinum Leyton stone calling nearer to home back in 2014 I used to visit there regularly Leyton stone wych nessels between Stratford and South Woodford

May 13, 2022

has a variety of eclectic mix of dwellings and history wyth it’s church and underground train services and buss station it also boarders on Epping forest

As you know that I used to lyfe in Bristol nearer to home back then

May 12, 2022

and heres thee garden centre Bristol in Avon is in West England wyth it’s quintessential English dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns well worth a visit