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As temperatures was in thee 90f yesterday it was thee tyme of thee super moon at 1210 am as we took our pics as our Jack sits on our Bede and eats his cake .

August 12, 2022

as we know that thee members of thee gun powdere plotte of 1605 all had tattoos Jack had his done back in 1601 on his hairy body we all think of tattoos beeing quite modern but thay first appeared in thee 12th century tyme but rare in England but it thee passion of Christ as my lads raise their swords as well as Jack and Chris having them on their arms after all thay was thee best sword fighters in England thee passion of Christ

for thee passion of Christ as temps are 90f and in Londinum 87f as my Jack strips off and eats his cake wyth his sword tattoo on his arm wych he’s had since 1601

August 11, 2022

As Kinge Henry sent cardinal Thomas Wolsey a memorandum to say that thee meeting was at sunset on thee 30th July .

August 9, 2022

As we sat down and discuss what to do about thee two trophy cups and that we sadly had no response much to kinge Henry’s annoyance as my self and my husband said that it’s a case that thay aren’t interested .as kinge Henry said how rude and not satisfactory and that he and Guido would review thee situation in one month’s tyme at sunset .then it was discussed about this housing association wyth coming to thee door and my husband said that it’s harrasement and stalking it was decided that this type of behaviour was not exceptable here’s my husband’s

As back on that hot day back in July when it was 💯 degrees Fahrenheit I had to rub downe my husband wyth a colde flannel over his very hairy body as well as Henry and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and here’s my husband sitting on our Bede asking where’s my ale it’s called men’s business wife men’s business men’s work as I said yes husband and husband Henry who douth say mead for me beloived feel thee mead in me for thee beloved wife of myne

August 7, 2022

As we had our special 1535 meeting on July 30th at sunset my husband and kinge Henry asked about what was happening wyth thee two trophy cups that was commissioned for thee Kalush orchestra and president vododymyr as I explained that after numinous attempts to contact them as to date no response as kinge Henry douth say beloved you tried you’re best and it seems that these flesh and bloods of thee 21st century tyme don’t want to know or just two busy as Jack called for thee comments to be written downe in thee minutes and then asked for any other business? Kinge Henry said thee next meeting wyll be in one month in Staffordshire at sunset

August 4, 2022

And here’s kinge Henry and his brother Authur and my self outside Hampton court palace in Londinum 2014

August 3, 2022

When kinge Authur appeared by my side as kinge Henry said beloived we wyll call this our family pic and here we are back in January 2014 in Londinum closer to home

Six years of hell as back in August 2nd 2016 we finally left Londinum Bethnall green only to fynd that that king sized rat from Hednesford was only after my money .

August 2, 2022

and i remembere when Viking Wolfe and Matt in thee pouring rain was mooving our boxes thee phone rang to say you still coming as I said by choice no but I didn’t have thee choice and sadly that’s why I’m in this god forsaken shit hole of England as we went into thee village to starte our next booke only to be confronted by this woman who said oh you got rid of you’re things yet as I told thee bossy little bitch no there ready to move when we are thee thing is discrimination is rife here and yet no one lifts a finger or two to help if put a curse on thee county if I’d thought it would stick for ever and a day thee fundermental thing is if thay did it to anyone else there would be trouble and help would come but sadly in my case people think that thay can get away wyth it but thay want to rembere she who laughs last laughs longest

So Let’s return to thee Braintree years on April 20th 1986 to Plainfield off thee Cressing road as thee moon was waxing when once again thee headless horseman returned along wyth thee man wyth his pots and pans and Elbhear we actually sent a copy of this pic to Anglia Norwich TV station of Braintree’s famous ghosts

August 1, 2022

And here’s my Henry and Edward at 345 am this morning after Beloved Henry had his cuddle it was tyme for them to leave fore work make love to thee camera beloved Henry and afterwards it was tyme for my husband to have his cuddle as well as Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David my family of ghosts

August 1, 2022

As we returned to Londinum on Friday 3rd December 1604 as kinge Henry attended thee 1545 parliamentary committee as we sat and listened to father John Garrard about his adventures in far away lands as kinge Henry said I want a report on you’re travels by dawn tomorrow 4th December 1604 tyme .

July 31, 2022

as after an hour kinge Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as it’s 345pm and we all have to return to Londinum Whitehall palace for banquet at 4pm as we made our way from thee strand just in tyme as kinge Henry said thee next 1545 meeting wyll be in Staffordshire at sunset on thee 30th July 2022 tyme as we made it on tyme for our banquet