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as England lost yesterday’s game against Italy 0_1 our thoughts are wyth thee king Harry Kane of football king Harry played his best and looked so sad after loosening but on Monday on channel 4 king Harry Kane and thee restof thee England team play Germany kick offt is at 7pm good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at engaland hope you win

September 24, 2022

so what else do we watch on TV well tonight at 530pm on channel 5 it’s all Creatures great and small wyth Samuel west what a great sexy actor he is also on PBS America it’s Queen Elizabeth’s secret agents from 1600at 630pm and on Wednesday

Thay was about in thee early 17th century tyme thee magic lanterns that used to have shows fore people to go to at first by candlelight if you could handle it of course? Then when electric came in thee magic lanterns came into there own

September 23, 2022

back in 2008 on Danny’s stall at brick lane market on a Sunday he had these box of olde glass slides all was dusty some was brokken but thee first two I pulled out thee box was kinge Henry and Edward whom would of thought that 8years later that I would actually meet up wyth Henry and our reunion at Hampton court palace in Londinum in 2014

back in2009 thee royal mint brought out a special crown coin to mark kinge Henry 8th HR Henry Fitz Roy so at thee tyme I just had to buy one and here it is back in 2014 I gave Henry his coin and he’s kept it on his person ever since

September 22, 2022

After Kinge Henry signs our bookes he has his 40winks before his4pm tea

September 21, 2022

My poor baby Henry after a quick cuddle he gets under thee duvet fore his afternoon nap as my husband said oh look he’s sleeping lyke a baby Henry is very proud of his bookes after all it’s took many years to write about our past lyfes in Tudor England and our life is it now in thee 21st century tyme

After500years my Henry starts to sign our books it’s our second booke and it took eight years to write back in January 2014 when I went on that snowy day little did I realise that it would change my lyfe for ever and my reunion wyth kinge Henry would be lyfe changing but in a good way and this is our story of our lyfes in Tudor England

September 20, 2022

fore a long tyme Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we went around thee Hampton court palace fore me it was lyke stepping back in tyme as he douth said beloived this is you’re first lyfe I’ve often been told that I’m a very olde spirit that has lyfed before I’ve lost and loved and still loved by my husband’s Henry and Guido and Jack

As thee nation of England and thee world pays it’s repects to our late Queen Elizabeth 2 whom brought so much happiness to thee people she met even though she has gone to another place on lyfes long journey god bless you Queen Elizabeth 2 but she wyll live on and never be forgotten

September 19, 2022

And here’s thee news headlines at 855pm 17th century news

September 17, 2022

tottenham won today’s game against Leicester city 6_2 king Harry Kane and sonny wyth their electric performance well done kinge Harry Kane wears his crown of football and all thee players at Tottenham you was amazing as fore other news in our football game against earth team Elgar scores and able scores at thee tyme and motion stadium at Frame Chester sugre Kane way earlier this morning tomorrow at 8pm we take a moment of silence for queen Elizabeth 2 who sadly died in othere news a local sheet sleeker who stole three sheets off thee washing line was three sheets to thee wind local police said he can make his Bede and lie in it tomorrow’s weather 50f breezy and cold sunny spells that was thee news headlines read by me

So here’s one of thee ads thee all electric trusty steed plug in hi bread it’s a case of lots of nay but wyth out thee hay wyth full tail lift and flashing hi indercators

September 17, 2022

As you know that it’s was our yearly football game first of all any resemblance to anyone living is purely coincidental so let’s go to our stadium at Frame Chester sugre Kane way as thee final score was earth team Elgar scores along wyth able scores 9to our team won by one making thee scores 10_9 to earth team here’s thee pics plus a few ads lyke thee new all electric trusty steed plug in hi bread and new nationaliation powder for washing brighter clothes

September 17, 2022

It’s over 70years olde here’s our Sono electric bowl fyre wyth convector heater

September 16, 2022