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When we brought it thay said it worked but thee plug was wired in wrong in fact thee TV was leathal always remember when buying electrical appliances make sure you go and see them if it’s not working ask questions and if you can repair it you’re self fine if not get a qualified TV engerneer to repair it don’t take chances wyth electric items as electrical can kill bewarned

March 31, 2023

And here’s our Murphy orange TV set in full working order and it’s had a new pcl 8frame valve and loads of capacitors

So Let’s return to lock Ness in thee country of Scotland June Friday 21st 1974 on that warm day as on our way back to Essex England we stopped offt to see lock Ness as we got out of my stepfather s automobile I said I’m not leaving until till lockland Nessy appears as we stood by thee lock as I called Nessy Nessy where are you as my stepfather David said he’s a no show as I thought typical man but I said I’ll try one more tyme before we go and all of a sudden thee watters made a woosh and thee monster appears as I said David take his pic as wyth his big red eyes as David wet his pants wyth fright as I said Nessy Nessy make love to thee camera and then he was gone I think wyth lockland Nessy he could be a ghost that returns through tyme a piesiosaur after in thee 5th century he was banished from thee lock

March 30, 2023

So let’s return to thee summut and noubt surgery parte three .

March 28, 2023

As we arrive at doctor surgery as Dr inquisition is waiting do come in Mr and Mrs Fawkes Fitz Roy .as we said good evening Dr inquisition

As Dr inquisition said we have taken a look at your blood test results and we would lyke to do a scan as he turned to husbandGuidos and Henry and asks re our previous conversation as Dr death popped his head around thee door and said becarefull Dr inquisition remember she’s still flesh and blood

As Dr death said to Henry and Guido he’s not been long in thee service as husband Henry said how long? As Dr mortuary said only 750years as husbandGuido and Henry so not long then

As Dr death said becarefull Dr inquisition thee laws of thee universe are different to earth as husband Henry said and thee laws of Henry rule here .as Dr mortuary and Dr inquisition said we would lyke to ask you a few questions if that’s ok wyth king Henry and Guido? As Dr mortuary said how often do you pass watter ? Well Dr mortuary and Dr inquisition we don’t pass watter as thee ryver thamesis is to far away and thee ryver dove and Trent are to far away to there’s some watter at rugley but we have no trainsport to get there but we see thee geese fly over each morning .I see said Dr mortuary as Dr mortuary said do you ever pass wynd as I said Dr inquisition if it’s windy we don’t go out . And Henry and Guido said Dr inquisition do you still have realations wyth you’re wife often ? Well Dr inquisition we don’t allow visitors expecally thee mother in law .I see said Dr inquisition I mean realations as I said what do you mean Dr inquisition? As husbandGuido and Henry said beloived that’s men’s business men’s work as husband Henry said my wife gets lots of love and hugs and kisses and once a week chocs one pound box and thee same applies from Guido I see said Dr inquisition end of parte three

So as you know that our site is all about my husband’s Henry and Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David wych are ghosts wyth our pics when many tymes we tried to get them devolved everyone refused to do them so our Jack in his dark room manage to develop them as it’s always been what you see is what you get we don’t have any fancy phone or a computer so let’s return to my husband’s Henry pics so let’s Allie to Calais in France on Monday June 7th 1520 Henry went to promote England and France over 18days wyth jousting competition and lots of othere competitions a palace was built at Balinghem and guines there was lots of wyne to be drank from fountains fore 18days of reverly when kinge Henry returned from thee cloth of gold piece between England and France fore a couple of years on Henry’s return he continued to build his sailing ships and develop new cast iron guns he built many castles along thee south coast of England and that’s how thee English navy was started here’s our pics one by thee lyght of tyme two by able

March 26, 2023

As thee nation congratulate king Harry Kane on his great goal scoring record this miracle of football that he is wears his crown of football many congratulations to you king Harry today England v Ukraine cnaba ykpaih Slava ukrayin glory to Ukraine play at Wembley stadium kick offt at 5pm hope you changed your clocks forward to day good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at England hope you win

March 26, 2023

First of all let’s have a sayance is there anybody there to read this story now come on you guys

March 23, 2023

As we watched thee football congratulations to England and all thee players 2_1 against Italy king Harry Kane wears his crown of football what a penalty by king Harry he was electric poor king Harry got winded by thee ball as I was very worried about him but gladly he’s ok then he got hit on his hand by a hand ball poor thing poor Luke Shaw amazing footballer got two yellow cards in 45secs and was sadly sent offt a bit unfair so England had to play wyth only ten men but an amazing footballer king Harry Kane wears his crown of football scored more goals than any other footballer what an amazing man he is

all rise please fore king Harry Kane wears his crown of football as once again he rules in his kingdom of football as tonight England v Italy on channel four from 7,pm kick offt at 745,pm good luck king Harry Kane and all thee players at England hope you win

March 23, 2023

Don’t forget it’s on BBC four tonight at 9pm about my husband’s Henry othere wife’s last week we watched about his first two Henry said beloived you’re thee best one as fore thee othere two Henry was scathing about them here’s my husband’s Henry last day haunting Hampton court palace today he spends his tyme wyth us as he said beloived so I can keep my kingly eyes on thee

March 22, 2023

Ghosts of thee unexplained as we walked in to thee village of uttoxeter twilight zone dare you to enter as I said to Tom can you take our pic but after Tom took thee pic I showed it to husbandGuidos and Henry as thay both said beloived what type of flying things are thay?

March 22, 2023

It took over three years to have a new door lock but on Thursday night some pig broke it off so I had to get a emergency lock Smith to come out and put a new one on it never amazes me what thay wyll do next to make us leave in their campaign to get us out of here and after he left we heard them laugh but thay want to remember that she who laughs last laughs longest

March 19, 2023