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Who would of thought that I would wear thee same dress that my husband choose back in Yorke yorksher back in 1602 that I would wear again in November 5th do our photo shoot for our callendar .

February 25, 2021

When we visited Yorke back in November 2019 we was walking along stone gate and as you go to kings square there’s a toy shop wyth lots of great toys in it .as my husband said look come wyth me oh are we going in to thee shop no Jack said as at thee side of thee wall was this 6foot bright lyght hold our hands as before we knew where we was we was back in thee same at stone gate but in 1602 as guy said here’s thee shop as we went in oh thee man said come for some more fabric Guy as my husband said in a matter of speaking .as he showed us thee rolls of various fabric guy said oh that wyll do we will have six yards .as thee man said to my husband is this you’re future wife .Jack said it’s summat and noubt as Jack said let’s go out side whilst Guy payed thee money .as we went out thee shop I Hurd thee man say only a couple of days for thee we’d her Guy yes he said ercon this have thee got her dress ready for fitting yet of course say two days ok I’ll send her in as he opened his money for thee second tyme as he came out wyth thee roll of fabric wyth a smile on his face as we walked along stone gate to where in 21st century thee toy shop would be as thee lyght appears quick tyme to go as soon we was back in 2019 .as my husband said lass it was over 400years ago when you tryed thee dress on and thee date was thee 3rd of November 1602 so as my husband and Jack and I visit thee Guy Fawkes pub and who did he see his dad Edward Fawkes ghostwho’s just lyke his son he haunts thee pub regularly

Even a ghost Lykes to have 50winks and when my husband yawns we all fall asleep

February 24, 2021

Its a hard lyfe beeing a ghost and here’s our Christopher and Jack and my husband as they sleep tight on this colde wyndy winter’s night as thee wynd blows through out our drafty hovell and here they all are as they sleep till ye morning lyght but always wyth one eye open as my husband wakes up and then my husband says tyme for bed my missuss and when morning comes he wanting his breakfast ah bless him

And this is us at Scarborough castle in yorksher as we went back to fylm this to 1602 November our wedding day .

February 23, 2021

We all leave our special signature whilst on earth in our lyfe tymes to thee places we visit and when our spirits leave our body’s as lyke a machine they wear out and our spirits have much to learn as we get born in to one lyfe to another and for thee majority of us we know nothing much what and where was before but if you think about it logical you sometime thing to ones self oh I’ve been there before or haven’t I said that before or even seen or smelt something but coundnlc explain it but as you know for me I can remember everything and everyone and where I lyfed before many mediums said I’m a very olde spirt and when I went to thee tower of London back in 2014 that’s why when I touched my husband’s signature that’s what he was waiting for thee power of what had gone before and wyll continue for many centuries in thee future so even thou my husband whikse in thee tower made sure that he left many invisible signatures on as much as he could that even thou many centuries had gone by it was his form of contact and all I had to do was fynd it and as you know that’s exactly what I did and that’s why my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert you see them today lyfing ghosts .but as you see back in November 8th 1605 at Holbeck house in Staffordshire and on 31st January 1606 tis ye wasn’t thee end of my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert it was only thee beginning untill physical contact was made

In thee year of 1604 we returned to monkes bridge in Yorke yorksher where thee four wynd mills ye was their making thee bred .

February 23, 2021

In thee early 17th century Yorke had many industries and five wynd mills four at monkes bridge and one in boulem but now there’s only one .Yorke was and still is thee city to be and in kings square near Yorke minster is where my husband grew up and he lyfed wyth his family in a little house there in thee shadow of Yorke minister it’s now a shop now but even thou his parents and sister have gone into thee spirt world .but my husband signature still remains and when we returned back in 2019 when we went into what now is a gift shop it sent shivers down my spine .as thee hands on my watch started to go backwards .in our past childhood lyfes my husband and I and sometimes our Jack used to go up to thee wyndmills and play kiss chaise and then go thee shambles and run through it wyth out a care in thee world .and here we are at monkes bridge in 1604 when we walked back through tyme its self as we saw a slither of light by thee toy shop wych is in thee corner of kings square but what seemed a long tyme wasn’t and before long we was back where we started as we walked on to Thee Guy Fawkes pub

As you know that I know many ghosts as we returned to Whitby in yorksher in 1602 I think we can afford our selves thee luxury of our wedding pic wyth special guest star Henry Garnet who on thee 5th November 1602 married Guy Fawkes and I on that colde bitter day even thou in 1602 photos didn’t excist so we had to go back in tyme to get this image .

February 22, 2021

as you know in early 17th century to be a Catholic to practise our religion was not easy so my to be husband came back from Flanders and along wyth Jack and Christopher who was our witnesses as we stood before God and said our Vowes we was married it was a colde bitter day as we rode on our trusty steeds out of Yorke wyth snow showers to travel to Whitby abbey as I stood beside my husband and thought to ones self how handsome he is wyth his cloke and hat and spurs on his boots and our Jack and Christopher how smart they looked wyth their swords by their sides as Henry Garnet said wyth you you’re a match made in Heaven and wyll last though out tyme .and we’ll it has who would of thought that after all these centuries that we would stand thee test of past and present and future tymes and here we are it’s strange that back in 2018 that I would have to wear thee same dress to do thee photo shoot in thee shop that day it was often said when Henry Garnet was told by Thomas wintour of thee plot that he said he wyshes he never of been told after a wedding we had to change our clothes and we visited Scarborough before leaving to return to Yorke as my husband after our party in thee evening thee early next morning had to go back to Flanders to fight

Thee Gun powder plot of 1605 and this is how we used to speak in our country of Englaland in thee early 17th century here’s some of thee familiar places we know as you would spell them today and also how we used to spell them today don’t forget thee Gunpowder plot is on PBs America on this Friday at 1pm 21st century tyme on freeview 91 .

February 21, 2021

So let’s return to may 21st 1604 to Lunden in thee upstairs room of thee Duck and Drake pub to take a ganda at thee meeting of thee plotters here’s my husband and Jack and Christopher and Thomas wintour and Robert wintour who is reading over Robert Castesbys plans as they disscused and agreed and it was thee blue print for future weekly meetings upstairs room at thee Duck and Drake wych is in thee strand in lunden as they talked and Drank their mead and ale .so let’s look at Engaland England .in 1605 on this map I drew you wyll see Nordhymbre.Northumberland today Yorke mierce is Midlands .eastangle is east anglia .west seaxe is west Sussex today oxenaford is Oxford today .cent Kent Lunden is London weales is Wales cantuaraburh.cantabury.caapstow.chepstow here’s my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert wintour and thee map of 17th century Engaland englise.

And here’s our 1960s sideboard wyth matching dining room table in formica a type of melamine .

February 20, 2021

In thee 1950s and 1960s there was lots of manafacters that made Formica and melamine tables side boards and chairs from leabus to meridue to stag whych in tottenham and even brick lane in eastern London .plus G plan after thee 1940s utility furniture it was a relief to see what could be done and made wyth modern plastic and three piece suite was made from PVC and wyth knew fabric that was made from nylon wych made things more affordable to then thee modern consumers of that tyme but lyke everything in England as they say they in Maggie thatures 1980s Britain thee factory’s closed as she and her government sold off thee family silver by privatisation as thee firms went out of business and thee things aren’t made any more but lyke everything else from that tyme it was made to last and a style that hasn’t aged even thou it’s 70years in some cases ago and in thous days people used to save up there pounds shillings and pence knowing when they came to buy it they still made it back then and then they could always get purchase credit loan all things in them days you had to pay purchase tax on most items here’s ours

And this is my husband outside his olde skool at peters in Clifton Yorke .

February 19, 2021

As we all know my husband along wyth my Jack and Christopher kit Wright attended in 1577 my husband at thee tyme lived in thee shadow of Yorke minster .but Jack and Christopher lyfed in welwick near Yorke .Jack is thee eldest .who would of thought that they would all be parte of thee gun powder plot of November 1605 but what you didn’t know was thee plot was going to be on 23rd of February but thee opening of parliament was delayed and wyth their meetings in thee duck and drake pub in thee strand in London Robert Catesby decided to put it back to November 5th 1605 but in September 1604 Thomas Wintour was sceptical about it and thought it would be better to abandon it .but Robert castesby said tis must happen so Thomas agreed here’s my husband out side his olde skool wych he became head boy bless him and here he is on our day out to Witham Essex further from home back in 2019

Thee presents of my husband and Jack.

February 19, 2021

Of all my ghosts I lyfe wyth and know it’s my husband and Jack wych are most appear in visual to letting people know oh by thee way this is Guido Fawkes and Jack kit Wright here wych usually in volves making all thee lyghts flicker and in some situations make thee place go into darkness if he’s really annoyed and here is my husband and Jack when as they say we wyll show thee flesh and blood FAB people that we are together and we are from our vists to Witham Essex to uttoxeter twilight zone further from home .to Yorke

As we traveled thee London underground back in 2019 .this was London calling from our tyme travel to pudding lane in 1605 . To thee tower of London back in October 2019

February 18, 2021

From Euston station to Liverpool Street to Tower hill stations to Bethnall toTottenham my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and I over thee tymes have traveled to most of thee London underground stations here’s some pics of us on thee places we took our pics