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so lets look at Ables paintings of his heroes of football pic three was to be ables last paintings of his hero’s you could say that Ables a dedicated follower of spurs even though it seems ables paintings art work wasn’t particularly popular And wyth his final painting of us at Westminster abbey back in 2015 it would finally single thee end in 2023 ables paintings of his heroes of football as Able beeing a very loyal spurs fan has a photo graphic memory it only took him just one look so let’s look at Ables painting

February 2, 2023

Good evening everyone so let’s return to Londinum October 1537 as you know that we went back to revisit my husband Henry’s lost palace of Placentia and elysing and Whitehall and Nonsuch palace in fact Henry in Tudor tymes had a total of 55palaces

February 1, 2023

so you may ask what was our first past lyfes lyke in Tudor Engaland wyth thee palace of Placentia wych was cold drafty and smelly as it was by thee ryver thamesis wyth thee big ships would sail into thee docks at thee front of thee palace there was a walk way wyth stairs going down to thee ryver thamesis where you could moor you’re vessel inside thee palace wyth it’s high ceilings wych was highly decorated wyth Tudor roses lots of gold leaf and tapestries adorned thee walls wyth open large fyre places wych when lit even in thee bedrooms was warm and that applied to all thee palaces wyth elysing was a elceltic mix of dwellings made into one large palace in Enfield northan Londinum 21miles from thee city thee Aire was more fresher and husband enjoyed hunting for dear or wild bore sadly over thee years thee palaces fell into disrepair and was pulled down elysing palace is mostly under a wood and thee palace of Placentia no longer any signs of its great grandiour lyke Nonsuch and white hall palace here’s our pics of Tudor palaces fore a Tudor kinge Henry

So let’s return to Londinum south Kensington Friday February 6th 2015

January 31, 2023

As we went on our family outing to thee science museum and all thee Tom’s came to you could say that Tudor tymes joined wyth 21st century tyme as we went inside thee science museum wyth it’s collective mix of things to see from vintage electric appliances as my husband said that’s lyke thee ones we have as husbandGuido said wimmins work cookers irons and anything related to thee kitchen is wife’s domain as husband Henry said that right Guido but thee science museum also has lots of othere things to see from planes to space you should visit there if you haven’t been

A very happy birthday to our Christopher kit Wright and Thomas wintour born in 1570chris and Tom born in 1572 and thay became members of thee gun powdere plotte of 1605 Thee passion of Christ

January 31, 2023

A very happy birthday to our Robert and Jack today born on 30th January 1568 both took parte in thee gun powdere plotte of 1605 but today thay lyfe wyth us thee passion of Christ

January 30, 2023

So let’s return to Londinum Holborn on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 to thee British museum this is thee pics that wasn’t put on our site at thee tyme as we took so many that day but thee otheres have disappeared from here good job we have these isn’t it

January 29, 2023

so let’s return to thee British museum thee museum is vast wyth an eclectic mix of artifacts from thee Anglo Saxon to Roman and Viking and Norman wonderful things to see but also as you walk around thee building there are lots from othere countries to on various floors so why not visit fore you’re selves here’s our pics from February 2015

So let’stake a last look back at our towre of Londinum Tuesday December 16 th 2014 pics

January 27, 2023

So Let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green on Friday 6th may back then a bit lyke now it was a case of missing paperwork and husband Henry blew his top as you know that king Henry don’t stand any nonsense from any body so it was agreed wyth husbandGuido that Henry would visit thee local office to sort thee matter out and we wait outside as Henry stormed in wyth paper work in hand only to fynd that thee person wasn’t available much to Henry’s annoyance as he said I’ve got thee missus parked up outside and came out and said thay didn’t recognise me how dare thay and husband Guido said well at least you tried Henry tyme to go home huh huh Henry said beloived comeuth but we wyll be back here’s thee pic from may 2016

January 27, 2023

So let’s return to Londinum Bethnall green thee missing pics from thee visit to thee towre of Londinum Tuesday December 16 th 2014 as you may remember that when I went to thee photo shop to run offt thee pics and collect them thee next day after thee digital camera cought fyre then disappeared but I managed to retreave thee SIM carde as thee black smoke started coming out of it . Parte two

January 27, 2023

but in thee photo shop thee next day when we returned at 11am thee man in thee shop said all done fore you as I said can you check on you’re computer ok he said but when he put thee cd disk in there was no pics on it as he said oh what’s happened let’s look on thee machine that always have a record of thee pics and then we can run of thee pics what size you lyke 6/4 or 7/6 ?well 7/6 wyll be ok but when he looked at thee machine nothing there he scratched his head ok I’ll check our CTV when he looked he was standing by thee machine but I wasn’t look he said it sent shivers down my spine so as you know a week later we returned to thee towre of Londinum but then on Tuesday this week king Henry said beloived it’s tyme to show you our pics from that day so we went and ran them offt in thee shop up here when we came back husband Henry said beloived put thee SIM carde in thee ash tray as we won’t be needing it now and as I did husband Henry put he’s arm around me and all of a sudden there was black smoke then it was gone as husbandGuido said you’re our job is done now end of parte two

So let’s return to Londinum in march 2015 this was to be our second visit to Alexander palace in northern Londinum here’s husbandGuido and Henry and Jack and Chris and I and Edward as we strolled around thee park

January 26, 2023