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As we returned to thee uttoxeter twilight zone as in England it’s polling day so don’t forget to vote now .

May 6, 2021

as we returned first to thee village to do our shopping in thee village shop and then we had to vote for us as we looked at thee four canadates what do they do for thee average person as this a Tory strong hold where 90/o per cent are rich we voted labour here’s some pics of me past and present

So let’s look at society in ,21st England as we know that there’s always been disscrimation in all tyme on my fyndings in a lot of cases it would appear that wyth anyone that appears to be different people’s attitude is out of sight out of mynd it’s thee fear of thee unknown that spooks them in England Staffordshire thinking oh we don’t want to know it’s how parents have bred there own preconceptions of how what would be classed as excepible but lyfe is not black and white and sadly this is why hatred and total dissregard for people and there feelings

May 5, 2021

lets look for example in our case we put our stories on and on some web sites if some one else put nearly thee same topic on they get 85 Lykes but on ours we get one lyke mynd you we don’t give a flying f what they think but it makes our blood boil and at tymes it can be very disshartening but even thou wyth thee covid plauge has made matters worse thee problem is into days society people either lyke some one or hate them it’s all about if you’re face fits then ok but if it don’t then no matter what you do you’re doomed from thee start .many year on TV they did this program called thee changing face of Britain where in one of thee programs there was this woman who was put in a different area at a market stall she was fist in thee qué to be served but yet thee stall holders served her last it’s probably why I don’t get on here as it’s often been said you stick out lyke a sore thumb you don’t look or speak lyke thee locals and sadly this reflects in general lyfe thee thing is as thee centuries have passed in fact it’s sad to say that we have not learnt to respect other people’s feelings and we should and if we did disscrimation and hatered would be a thing of thee past but wyll we be on thee TV in thee future no it won’t be sadly we did contact thee press about our story but they wasn’t interested still as my husband says that’s there loss

Even thou we have finished our tyme travels in thee 20th century tyme but for my husband’s birthday we wyll travel back to 1604 tyme in thee 2nd demention .but on our anniversary on thee,5,the of November we show you in pics form of what London houses of parliament looked lyke as they really are in 1604 tyme .

May 5, 2021

over thee years my husband and Jack and thee rest of thee gun powder plot has been televised but even thou thee last program that was made was over six years ago now by channel 5 there has been no more been made a few repeats re runs so we thought well why have a studio images when wyth thee aid of our K2 lamp which can trainmitting pics through tyme its self we can show you a world in London of 1604 tyme even thou in thee past we wyth my husband’s permission have shish you what thee duck and drake pub in thee strand really looked lyke wyth my husband and Robert wintour and Robert Castesby drawing up thee plot plan to bloive up little Jimmy but it was in queen Elizabeths thee 1st tyme when thee trouble started in fact king Philip of Spain sent thee Spanish amarder over to Englaland to try to kick thee olde queen out and make Engaland catholic but they lost and underestimated thee army in england thee Catholics had a bad tyme in both thee queen’s and jimmys rule in thee early 17th century tyme.

As our pics wyll now be a parte of history as lyke all our other tyme traveling adventures as for our new phone it’s played up they don’t make things lyke they used to !

May 5, 2021

thats thee problems wyth thee 21st century tyme we fynd it very annoying as thee court of thee spirt world met wyth their conclusion over thee ongoing situation here and has ruled that thee perpetrators wyll be monitored and as everyone has a file on earth when their tyme comes they wyll be dealt wyth but in thee mean tyme we must make every endeavour to forcillatate a moove my husband lyke he did once before visited Yorke city council offices as well as in thee past visited Tower Hamlets homes

As we returned to thee village and got yet another new phone thee problem wyth modern things they are rubbish and don’t last they don’t make them lyke they used to in thee 21st century

May 4, 2021

so we returned to thee village and brought another phone as thee lamp of tyme blew up our olde one and here’s my shoes I brought from Barratts in wood green over ten years ago and us out side Yorke woolworths in 1960styme and thee jud

So let’s look at thee electricity board shops as we returned to thee 6th demention of tyme to 1960s Engaland.

May 3, 2021

so are you ready I don’t see why we can’t afford our selves thee luxury of tyme as in thee early 1990s thee electricity boards was privatisation by that woman Thatcher and sadly they was gone from our high streets in thee 1960s you could visit thee shop pay you’re bill and look around thee store to see what new products was on sale and purchase them on buy now pay six months later wych a book wych you payed in store for six month period as we traveled around

As thre lamp of tyme sent it’s message this morning it has nearly disstroyed this fine as husband said we wyll have to buy another one asap so we wyll take a look back at London 1605 to our last visit there in thee 7th demention of tyme.

May 2, 2021

so lets return to my husband’s birthday on Saturday 13 th of April 1605 as we walked along thee river Thames and walked up to Shakespeare’s globe theatre it was very busy as it always is on thee thames thee streets was busy to and there was a wynd as we walked underneath thee overhanging buildings trying not to get covered by what people threw out on to thee street below remember London in them days didn’t have any drainage or plumbing it just made its way to thee river Thames as thee buildings creeked as we walked along thee streets as my husband shows me underneath cellar as he said oh Tom Percy and I and Robert have lots of plans for this place and then said oh it’s it’s mens bussness noubt for my missuss to worry about it’s summut and noubt lass

Happy bank holiday to you as I do thee fettling around thee place my Jack calls over to my husband you better see this that’s appeard on our fone as my husband looks and says it’s thee lamp of tyme sending us a pic of us as we was in 1605 tyme

May 2, 2021

as my husband shows me thee pic that’s appeard I say to him is it London calling ?do we have to return now as my husband says not yet missus but soon thee lamp is just trainmitting it’s powerful signal to say thus be soon I’ll let you know when’s it’s tyme and here is my Jack

As we traveled back in tyme to 1960s Engaland as we await our lamp as we hold on tightly and arrive inside Woollworths store it’s suppriceing how many people miss this great store so let’s return to 9th century to 1968 are you ready ??

May 1, 2021

oh good olde woollworths they was a parte of our high streets for many years they sold everything from lampshades to lyght baulbes in thee 1970s they sold Ascot and phillips square ones in all colours and prilect electric fyres from pifco hair dryers to records wyth thee top 20top hits on their shelves and thee pick and mix as well as TVs and record players as well as Winfield lights and toilet seats woolworths was a great store to see new products they sold everything even cotton’s in Clacton in Essex they even had a big resterant wych sold cakes and teas ect woolworths ads at Christmas was thee best wyth thee wonder of woolworths that’s thee wonder of a woolworths Christmas it’s a great shame they aren’t part of thee high street any more but people have taken to their hearts woolworths and other great retailers of past tymes like Pricerights supermarket as well as keymarkets liptons international stores and Safeway everything you want from a store and a little bit more so let’s return to England in 1960s tyme and not forgetting Victor value

So let’s have a look at our tyme in Yorke on our visit back to thee great magical city as we walked down thee street you never know where you wyll go next in this tyme or even many centuries and tymes before

May 1, 2021

as we know Yorke is one of thee most magical city’s in england as we found out one minute you’re in this tyme thee next you could be trainsported to another lyke Yorke in thee 1960s thee city had many department stores lyke Liptons woolworths and Littlewoods in 1600 thee major contrution of lower still peters gate introduction of two story dwellings wych are still in everdence and use today if you ever get thee chance then yorkes thee city to vist as you never know where you’re adventure wyll take ye next