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As you know I know many ghosts in fact I’m more popular in thee spirit world than on earth as we ran a couple of thee pics off here’s some of thee snowes back in January and February this year for many years Everard Digby and Thomas Percy and here’s Farther Henry Garnet and us as thee lads of 1605 make love to thee camera thanks to everyone of thee gun powder plot for letting us take you’re pics

April 19, 2021

also i made a couple of snowe men of king Harry Kane and king Eric Dire they thee greatest men of thee foot ball pitch and also when we traveled back to April 1605 here’s all 7of us out side thee houses of parliament as it was then

winter 2021

As my husband pics some of his favourite pics of our past lyfes and his top seven are thee one of him in thee duck and drake pub in Lunden back in 1605

April 18, 2021

as we try to think how we can arrange to get thee other ghosts of thee plot to come for a group photo for prosperity for our album after all we aren’t getting any younger mynd you ghosts don’t age .but we just thought well after 400years it would be better to have a photo but what tyme wyll everyone agree to wyll we have to go back wyth thee tyme lamp or wyll it be in 21st century tyme ?

As now it’s parte four of our tyme travels back to 1962 Britain so let’s go shopping and poseing till closing outside Pricerights remember thee pink sheald stamps ? As we went inside as our lamp stood outside after it saw another K2 wyth lots of lyght flickering as my husband said oh no don’t say he’s after a date on this lonely street in yorksher but it was tyme for us to start our adventure back in tyme for bed so are you ready then let’s go jolly good show so to Engaland 1962

April 18, 2021

so lets return in victor value store wyth thee sounds and smells of bred and fruit and vegetables as well as various types of tin stuff and washing powders who remembers Omo and square deal surf and as we looked around thee store but only breafly it was sadly tyme to go wyth everything under one roof wyth bright lyghts and isles of so much to see wyth biscuits and fish counters and sweets made me feel hungry but even thou our lads can eat I can’t as we came out this great shop as thee boys tucked into their sweets they brought as we continued along our was till our next shop to stand in front wyth thee sounds of price guns as sales assistants would rush to price up things for thee selves who remembers mother’s pride loafs of bred and on our later travels to thee 1970s caters we would see sunlight washing up liquid and abbey crunch biscuits and lemon puffs I used to lyke them and camp coffee wyth chicory as Thomas Percy came wyth us to pose out side caters it was a great supermarket but sadly long gone they had a big store in Chelmsford Essex and in 1972 my stepfather David and I used to go shopping in there whilst my mother went to marks and sparks but long have thee days gone when you used to get you’re doctor wyghts sanitary towels from thee chemist and they would put them in a bag so no one would see but today we see them on our supermarket shelves in 21st century tyme as thee other day we saw a pack of mates this man dropped as he looked rather red faced as he bent down to pick them up as he hurried on his way I said to my husband and Jack I bet that’s his address and phone number book as in modern tymes we saw things lyke KY on thee shelf I said to Jack funny toothpaste I use Colgate as my husband says it’s not toothpaste it’s a man’s thing oh I see what about thee mates I said oh Christopher said that a man’s toy a rubber Jonny oh I said I knew a rubber Jonny he used to run a second hand shop in brick lane in London he knew ptor

As we all know that in England we are a Nation of shopkeepers from thee shops of 15th century tyme to thee corner shop and from thee 1960s when supermarket came in and how we followed in our mothers footsteps on where to buy our goods every one has their favourite shop to buy food or visiting thee shopping maul and each one holds a memory but as we know wyth thee sad demise of our high streets and lots of our favourite shops have sadly gone as we go on thee internet to buy our goods but there’s nothing lyke seeing it on thee shelf and helpful staff that was on hand to advise thee personal service you could say.

April 17, 2021

on our tyme travels back to visit 1960s and 1970and 1980s Engaland we revisted another tyme a way of lyfes that was thee jewels of Britain’s high streets thee goods and products from various manafacters that in to days world have gone as for me it gave me a insite into a world that sadly no longer exists wyth shops that have gone lyke Victor value supermarket wow when we visited it it was my first and husbands and Jack and Christopher first tyme great things to see as for my husband and Jack and Christopher it was thee sweets lyke crunchie and bar of six wyth their orange wrappers but talking of chocolate olde Jamaica bar wyth rum in it and caramac and weekend box of chocolates as they brought and payed their money as they can eat on when we traveled back they enjoyed there purchases but as we know each store had their own tune take for instance Safeway everything you want from a store and a little bit more or CA yove got thee look we are looking for CA .or thee wonder if Woolworths that’s thee wonder of a woolworths Christmas or international that’s thee world of better shopping so come in and see .but for me it’s Pricerights wych will slalwa rememberd and Woollworths and CA coming up next week we try to get all thee ghosts we know for a special pic after all seeing a lot of drawings of thee plotters of thee gun powder plot we thought it was tyme that everyone was in thee same pic and on 23Aprill it’s sent George’s Day decorations here’s a pic from our tyme travels let’s go shopping as our k2lamp takes thee pics of us shopping in 1960s Britain

As England mauns thee passing of Prince Phillip thee queen’s Husband .

April 17, 2021

our prayers and thoughts are wyth thee Queen Elizabeth and her family as it’s thee funeral of prince Philip RIP God save thee Queen

So let’s look back at our past vists to 1605 in thee early days we had to wait for David who is thee keeper of tyme its self and to wait for a fualt in tyme its self

April 16, 2021

but as we waited for tyme to be ready as one of us had to stay in this tyme to take thee pic as you can’t take any pics as most of thee pics are called one dementational pics as we walked between one tyme and another take for instance when we was in thee duck and drake pub and by thee London docks we had to stay for what seemed hours in 1605 tyme but yet in this tyme of thee 21st century only a few seconds had elapsed and as soon as we was back we had to wait until thee next tyme fault but it gives you all an insite into how tyme was and how it is today so let’s once again look at pics of London in 1605 but also we revised Yorke

For many years our secret of our past lyfes has been hidden as in parte three of our return to 1605 we meet up wyth Father Henry Garnet and Everard Digby and for many years it was just drawings of what every one looked lyke in a tyme before cameras was to be invented wych too nearly two centuries later .

April 16, 2021

who wouldbof thought back in July 2015 that we could go back to our past lyfes in Yorke and London in other tymes wyth our tyme machine thee lamp that only appears on earth when two tymes join but tyme travel is dangerous mainly lyke bumping into your former selfs as we had a near miss but seeing our son was very upsetting as his sprit isn’t in this tyme but for thee rest our spirits lyfe on in this world and thee next as we continue our adventure in 1605

So let’s return to thee 9th dementation of tyme for us it was thee longest tyme from thee21st century Engaland so ready as we touched thee lamp of tyme to return to our past lyfe in 1605 London as we go back through tyme its self are you ready when once again we meet our son Thomas and Farther Henry Garnet from a disstance as we had to make sure that we didn’t interact wyth our former selves as thee concequences would be dangerous in both tymes so are you ready then sit tight tyme to return to 1605 April Saturday 13th 1605 .parte two

April 16, 2021

after my husband and Jack refresh their sefs wyth food and drink we strolled along thee river Thames boy didn’t half pong as we passed thee olde houses of parliament my husband said let’s go to Thomas Percy lodgins remember missuss oh yes I said as we got nearer by thee building we saw us wyth our son Tom and farther Garnet and Thomas Percy as my husband said they can’t see us but it sent shivers downe my spine and for both of us to see our son after thee traumatic way he met his end after he got run over by a horse and carter in Yorke in 1605 he would of been one but strangely he grew very quickly and looked just lyke his dad guy .we looked again and Jack said ok they have gone quick as we went to thee door it was unlocked as we walked inside and husband said let’s go up stairs as he lead my by thee hand his hand was firm and hot as we layed on thee bed as our body’s was together as he held me in his manly strong arms as his hot lips on myne as I layed there on thee bed as we made love and before long he layed their beside me we cuddled as Jack came in and layed by me as we held each other as his lips touched mine and he stripped off wyth his Manley strong arms as he came closer as I gave him what he needed afterwards he and my husband said we needed that as my husband said we better leave as we went out side we could see in thee distance our selfs return we hid behind thee building as our other selfs went inside as we walked by thee houses if parliament to thee river as guy said it’s getting late and theirs Robert Castesby s house oh yes Jack said as we continued into thee city end of parte two as thee lamp of tyme appears

So let’s return to Yorke yesterday past and present from thee 21st century to 1500s

April 16, 2021

as one may know that Yorke is one of thee most magical city’s on earth as we breafly travelled back though thee mists of tyme that’s thee great advantage beeing married to a ghost so let’s return to Yorke past present and now from Gilly gate as thee piece keeping yorksher Knights of olde visit thee city Gwain Leon Alfred and Arthur to us in thee city centre to us at Clifton near to where my husband and Jack and Christopher went to st Peters skool

So let’s return to 1960s Britain as we go back in tyme to caters supermarket and a ghost you don’t ever normally see after 400years since 1605 we meet up again wyth Thomas Percy well it was my husband’s birthday parte two

April 15, 2021

As we traveled thou tyme and went to caters supermarket they had a few store from Bromley to Chelmsford they sold books food and lyke Pricerights supermarket a whole lot more but sadly in thee 1980s they was gone from our high streets as for Thomas Percy he wanted along wyth our Christopher kit Wright be on our pic in fact you wyll meet for thee first tyme thee other ghosts we know from Henry Garnet to Robert Catesby thee handsome charming ghost that we was and still is in his one off appearance since November 8th 1605