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time to go back in time to the dole years and once again meet the boys and girls of panfield lane dole office and supplementry benifit from 1979 part one of 5

October 30, 2012




i letf school in 1979 5 monthes early as the finger found me a job in a fast food joint  which unfortually didnt work out so in the september i went on a y.t.s.plasement at braintree collage thats where i met edward vasey but i had to sign on at the pann field office for a few weeks but i had twoo sirmames as mothers various boy friends changed the name so i had to get it changed back but in thous days they asked me if i had anything to sell i wasnt entitled to unemployment benifit so i had to claim supplementry benifit at 10 70new pence a week  while i was at collage ENDOF PART”&27

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