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and now its time to talk about my time on the chat lines and the questions that they asked men i will never understand them as the dateing game is like a mind field dynnargh ,failte croseo welcolm part 2

July 30, 2013


I must admit dateing lines are of of lifes great missterys to me and men in general .as I was ask are you into the spoons position so I said well ive got some table spoons there like new even thou I got them off arthers stall he said there 1960s what spoons do you like you kinky beast ive got a couple that I got from woolworths from 1979 it took me 3weeks to save up for it it cost me 38p each one  is the spoons position you talk about some sort of riteral your into ?and yes I was thinking of going to buy some new ones ,then another one said I like sissors so I said I didn’t realize that if we met that I would have to put the full cuttery set in my hand bag perhaps your into forks I could give you a prod men but it was the old ones that really got on my nerves when they said like they used to years ago now about hows about a bit of hows your farther ?as I told them now listen I haven’t heard hair or head of the old timer don’t know who it is and don’t want to know well really ,any way I didn’t get any dates but I was dreading having to scort all that cuttery around and I know the posh ones have silver servise place settings with the spoons all layed out ship shape and Bristol fashion and cutterys very expensive these days and the best I suppose you  have to buy like if you still find Sheffield spoons are the best men and there ritaralls

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