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and nows it number 11 in the ending chapters of the croeso welsh decorations from 1986 then was reput up in 2003 and the boys dan and charlie asked me to redo them but sadly they never showed up

June 3, 2014

DSCF3432DSCF3434DSCF3439DSCF3440DSCF3442DSCF3444DSCF3442DSCF3434DSCF3439DSCF3446DSCF3447DSCF3450DSCF3451DSCF3452DSCF3453DSCF3454DSCF3456DSCF3458DSCF3459DSCF3460DSCF3462DSCF3463DSCF3464DSCF3467DSCF3469DSCF3470as you can see the pics of saint davids day decorations it a great sham that over the years I never get to have my pic taken with them this is a trubrute to all the loverly people in wales and the wonderfull country that it is

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