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and now its time to return to vist the national history muesium in south Kensington in the west on london

January 16, 2015

imageimageimageimageI returned to the place just after Christmas on arrival into the place theres this big impressive tunnel theres lots to see here from the big brotasureous in the main hall and the terradatictall that adorns one of the enterances there plenty to see as like I returned last time and theres a information desk the place is slit yp into different faces of time theres lot of glass displays adorning different birds from another time in cluding that flightless bird the dildo or dodo theres shops and cafes and is a stone through from south Kensington station which can be found on the yellow circle line or the green distric line so its well worth a vist theres also a rexy dinosaur there two DSCF2547 unfortually pics aren’t available coming soon

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