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and nows its time to talk about the days I saw guy fawkes from 1606,dynnargh welclome falite croeso,first vist back in January in 2014 then the return on tuesay December the 9th and on December the 16th on a Tuesday so lets go back to a couple of weeks earlier ready

January 18, 2015

imageI was sitting in the bishops gate library looking at the cookers on line as I sat there I felt very strange as I contined to look the site stopped I thought oh no that time must be up oh well lets look at gmail as the time said 8mins remaining that’s strange I keyed in gmail and the tower of London came up so I thought even thou I took some pics of the out side of the tower back in January .so I thought well lets see how much it will cost to go inn to the tower ive got christoper coming up on the 9th December if I pay for him to go inn that can be one of his preasants  for Christmas so after a while I went to the deck and asked them to print the information off which the lady did ,as then the time was up so I vencherd back to the village with papers in my pocket I then went back to the library to find out about guy fawkes and got the receptionist to run some copys off which she did steff was then talking to her  I reamemberd watching the programme on bbc2 in November the 3 programmes about guy fawkes and the story of the gun powder plot of 1605 as I watched the programme the room was very cold as I reamember as I watched the programme in black and white such loyalty this hunky guy had towards his friends and I reamember doing the story for the blog a year or so earlier id not long brought a black scrying mirror so curiosity got the better of me as I thought lets see if I can see any thing as I gazed into the glass the face appered faint grey with this blueish hand like it was coming out the glass for a split second this man appeared all I could see was this man in the glass holding his full streached out hand .so I thought that’s it ive got to go back to the tower of London .so on Tuesday the 9th of December christoper and I went to the tower of London via Liverpool street on the yellow line circle one .and got of at the local underground station .as we went on the under pass and chris poped out that’s what he gets for wearing tight troucers men I ask you I use the term loosely of course but its hard to get the staff theses days and it was one of his Christmas preasant as one thought as he spends most of his life on the ocean way looing for a soal mate id thought a bit of culcher would give him something to converce with the old biddys hes looking for anyway .we found the ticket booths and I payed the admission fees and then we went through the gate after chris had his olde bag searched he like going around with a olde bag on his arm kinky beast but for me to go was to seek out that hunk of man to hopefully get a sighting of a ghost .any way we started looking at the tower and wow them sexy guys in there uniforms it was like a dream being in a candy shop with all thous hunky fit guys on display I didn’t know which one to look at first .any way took some pics and I thought right you olde bugger you can take some of thee as well as perusal chris had to find the local karsey and disappeared for a few mins one think I cannot stand is being made a convenience of you know what I mean you know what im saying .any way we went into the shop it was packed with goodies to buy and I brought somethings for the boys from the midlands mr cuddles and that vsion of hunky ness mark the lockness brummy monster as I thought he can get his hands on my goods any day mind you between you and I that’s not lickley hes got someone haven’t thay all .so after that and taking a few pics of them wow men it was such a pleasant change to see men you forget what thay look like as in eastern London one just don’t see them as thay became exstined here for many a year now ,any way  I saw the ravens boy aren’t they big I reamember the superstar the gentall aurthor did a bit on there blog about the ravens loverly family and ones they called merlin .so I said to one hullo merlin hows you ?the raven tured his head and just squarked and looked at the camera .then we walked around and walked up to this room in the center of the room there is a display with pics and a bit about the people whom once was in the tower like guyfawkes rudioff hess and the cray brothers thers a fire place on one wall with like a opening by the side of it so I took some pics mind you I allways find that if you take a pic of a pic the flash on the cameria allways comes out on it so they aren’t usaaly no good whilst doing the fotos it went very cold and it had this smell as I was taking the pic of guy fawkes of like a burning match you know when it goes out you get that sulper smell and a firework smell and then we went into another part of the tower in this small room theres a olde desk and a old fashioned man in a pic so I took the pics as I looked at the pic in the top left hand side I saw theses letters appearing in black sqarully writing and gf appeared just for a second I held the camera up to take another pic of the picture but the letters had gone .oh dammi thought christoper said its boring here lets go so I said you ungratfull olde pig and no im not going yet ,so he huffed and puffed as I said to him you cant go on them flash olde cruse ship to chatt up the rich lot if you only know about common things this is posh cultcher we came out and walked around oh look christopher I said its the white tower ,lets go in so up the stares we went I tell you it took me ages to get up there ,so we vencherd in side ,and thers a lot of armer in there with knights on a horse and various fighting thingeys and some heads in a cabinate and some olde paintings as yoy leave .any way it was time to go and see if we could get a cup of tea we went inn but chris being as tight as a fishys ass and that water tight would by a cup of tea and I thought im not going to buy him one ive got a fluffy raven to buy  from the shop on the way out .so we then went across the road to the place where the queen keeps her hat collection the crown jewles as you go inn  theres a notice that says no cameras no pics so I had to put the camera way  tis be said this bloke from years ago got his paws on the bling and sparkerlys but thay got them all back now ,I have to admit the crowns and gowns are out of this world love that bling its a must if you vist there ,I can tell you , we came out side the frount of the white tower and then I went back to the room with the desk and the olde pic in it chris stayed out side there was the sound of the drums playing a single beet they have sound effects there as I thought so my self come on baby where are you there was no one else in there its was so cold and I was shivering ,all of a sudden on the pic was the letters little eastern gf .I just stood there .I could here people foot steps talking as they came in so I went to find chris now where we going he said as I got the guide map out of my coat pocket ,what you looking for I said for goodness sake I want to go and find this plce little eastern why well I cant be sure but ive seen writing on that olde pic in that room ritten on it was the words little eastern .it was getting to dark to read it so I thought to ones self ill just have to come back as I thought how can I afford it its the price of the next ticket or a weeks dinners no ill for go the dinners I must return and nothings going to stop me ,we walked by the gift shop and walked out through the main enterance supprisingly there people still going inn chris wanted  to see the karsey .so I walked up and looked at the tower I thought ill give it a quick wave as you do .you could see the lights glowing in the winders .then just by the wall there was this figger  I took the opic of himas I walked towards the tower the figger grew bigger and there was this undissntable smell of like a gun going off ,it was a cold breeze blowing as the tall figger came nearer I could see a tall man in a hat with long boots on his feet with like the ends curreld up on the toe of the boots in like these troucerthings tucked in the boots he had a long face with a beard and even thou it was twilight as he stood about 3 inches in frount of me had these peirsing eyes but yet I couldn’t feel his breathe smiled winked and faded away .Christ came and said everything okay can you take a pic of me waving to the tower as he did .but really I was waveing to the hunky guy .end of part one next time I returned to the tower on Tuesday the 16th of December .so until then

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